Review: Dr. Morita Rehydrating & Restoring Facial Mask

This is my second skincare review on Dr. Morita products. The first one had been a facial mask too which Sister gave me some from the bunches which she bought. This one however was a souvenir from Jennifer when she came back from holiday some time end of last year. Sister once mentioned that I am a big fan of facial masks. Hence, she always buy me facial masks whenever she goes on a holiday.


These were some of the few facial masks which she had bought for me as souvenirs when she came back from holiday. She came back from Japan not long ago and she had given me a box of facial masks from Kose, the same as the one Jia bought me when she came back from Japan last September. Apparently, that particular facial sheet mask is one of the bestselling in Japan at the moment.


Dr. Morita Rehydrating & Restoring Facial Mask


I am not sure if you could make out what were written on the packaging since the picture ain’t clear on the wordings part. To be honest, I never really bothered to read what was on the packaging. I would only scan through the description on the front side of the packaging to roughly know what the product is about and what it focuses on improving.

Apparently, this facial mask focuses on hydration for the skin. One of the main ingredients is 玻尿酸 or known as Hyaluronic Acid in English. Back when facial sheet mask was a big trend couple of years ago, I would usually look for facial sheet masks which contains Hyaluronic Acid for the purpose of hydration to my skin.

I love the texture of the facial sheet mask. It was thin and felt soft on the skin! The sheet mask fitted perfectly well on my skin. The facial sheet mask was dripping wet with generous amount of essence when I removed it out of it’s packaging. Albeit the generous amount of essence, the facial sheet mask was able to hold the essence well enough that it doesn’t drip down onto your neck during application. I hate it when I have to keep on wiping the essence off my neck whenever I use a facial sheet mask.

The essence smelled nice too. It was not heavily scented. However, there was this slight burning sensation on the skin during the first three minutes of application. The stinging eventually goes away shortly after. I only had the facial sheet mask on my skin for like 20 minutes before removing it. I was once being told that you should not leave the mask on your face any longer than 20 to 25 minutes. The longer you have the mask on your skin, the drier your skin will be.

Gently massage the remaining essence onto your skin in circular motion. I did not bother to add on my usual nighttime skincare routine as the remaining essence was more than enough. The effect was not so obvious right after I removed the facial sheet mask. However, I could see that my skin was a lot hydrated the next day as I can see that my skincare products absorbed better the next day.

So, here’s what I think of Dr. Morita Rehydrating & Restoring Facial Mask in a nutshell:

1. Pleasantly scented.
2. Able to hold essence well enough albeit the generous essence that comes with.
3. Fitted onto the skin very well.
4. Skin was a lot hydrated the next day.

1. Slight burning sensation on the skin for the first few minutes.
2. Not locally available unless you buy online from Sasa.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Repurchase? Why not?

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