Review: Verve Caffe

Lunch today was at Verve Caffe with Clara and San Diann to make up for the missed one from last Sunday. We were there last Sunday but nothing on the menu caught our fancy as pastas were only available after 12PM. Furthermore, we were not keen on having pizza for breakfast and we ended up at Danes Cafe for breakfast.

It took me a few turns around the building before I found a parking spot which was one building away from Verve Caffe. There is another cafe which is on soft opening stage located couple of shops away from Verve Caffe.


So in love with the lighting at Verve Caffe. Sadly enough, I used the wrong function on my camera when we had selfie and most of the pictures ended up that we had dark skin complexion. LOL!



Should have used Portrait feature so that the camera can do face detention. I guess it was not on face detection mode lest we would not be having blurred faces in the picture. Clara was the lucky one. Both San Diann and I had our fair share of blurred faces in pictures. Clara sat in between the both of us. So, all her faces in the pictures were blur free as the camera automatically blurred the face furthest away from the lens. LOL!


Cinnamon Latte | B$5.90

Had something different this time round compared to my usual Cafe Latte. If you are not into cinnamon, do not bother ordering this as you must love cinnamon a lot to appreciate it. I liked the cinnamon scent before taking a sip. To be honest, the taste of cinnamon was not as strong as I expected it to be.


Aglio Olio | B$13.90

What we had for lunch were not what we wanted in the first place. I had wanted Pesto, Clara wanted Salmon Alfredo while San Diann wanted Prawn Linguine. All of which we wanted were not available. So, both Clara and I settled with this Aglio Olio. I was being told they were out of seafood and beef rashes.

Pasta choices were penne, fettuccine and fresh pappardelle. I chose fettuccine for all three of us without second thought. LOL! The pasta was cooked al dente. The usage of olive oil was moderate, which was to my liking too. The vegetables that came with were spinach (I think), mushrooms and asparagus.

In terms of flavoring, the pasta was extremely spicy as they used “cili padi” instead of chili flakes. There was like one “cili padi” in Clara’s plate and two slices in mine. The spiciness was too extreme to the extent that you could not taste anything else apart from spiciness.


Al Funghi | B$16

San Diann had this when his first choice of Prawn Linguine was not available and this was highly recommended by the cashier. According to him, this was not bad but it was kind of too creamy that you get “jelak” after a while.


Breakfast Pizza | B$14

Cheddar cheese, tomato, spinach, beef rashes, sausage, potato, poached/scrambled eggs, hollandaise sauce

The three of us ordered this to share over our main courses. This pizza crust was not like the normal pizza that we usually have. It was neither thick nor thin but “puffy”. The texture was soft and the crust was coated with generous amount of sesame seeds that it turned rather bitter as some of them were badly burnt in the process of baking.

To be honest, I don’t think we got the exact same ingredients for our Breakfast Pizza as stated on the menu. There was no spinach but replaced with rocket leaves. Beef rashes were not available too and I am not sure if there was any cheddar cheese on our pizza as I do not remember tasting them. This Breakfast Pizza was not bad as it was something different compared to the usual kind of pizzas that we always had.


Mango Cheesecake | B$5.50 

Our dessert after our main courses. We sure can eat! But we shared this among the three of us. The cheese content was not really high as I cannot really taste the cheese but whipping cream. Texture was smooth but not as smooth as compared to the Mango Cheesecake from Fleur-de-lys Bakeshop. I liked the crust though, it was crushed digestive cookies with salted butter.

Verdict: I liked the ambiance of the cafe but not so on the part whereby most of the items on their menu were unavailable. It makes ordering such a pain on the neck as we are limited to a few choices only. Customer service was good in my opinion. Main courses were served rather promptly after ordering but slow for my Cinnamon Latte though. Parking could be an issue as there are two cafes in the same vicinity and it took me more than two turns before I found a parking space which was quite far away from the cafe.

Verve Caffe
Unit 6A,
Ground, First & Second Floor,
Simpang: 68, Jalan Batu Bersurat,
Kampung Pengkalan Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-7274153


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