Of Random Things #69

PS: This entry was drafted quite some time ago so you may find some information mismatching here and there. LOL!

I am trying to clear the bits and pieces of pictures stored inside my WordPress Media archive. So, you will be seeing random food pictures popping up every now and then. LOL!

Oh yeah, I managed to finish reading my eBook copy of Me Before You early this morning. It was a sad and tearful ending. I had just purchased the sequel – After You from Amazon this morning. Hopefully, it is not going to disappoint me. Reviews of After You were not as good as Me Before You. Majority mentioned that it was nothing like Me Before You as After You is without the presence of Will Traynor. After You focuses on how Lou Clark moves on after the death of Will Traynor.

Anyways, not gonna bore you further with the details of these books. XD


Tatsuta Miso Ramen | B$8.10

This is my favorite ramen dish of Kaizen Sushi despite it is loaded with super generous amount of MSG. I can feel it as I kept on feeling thirsty after the meal. The soup base was extremely flavorful. Noodle was cooked just perfect to my expectation. The chicken cutlets were deep fried. Sinful but it is something which I indulge only once in a while nowadays.


Cafe Latte & Baked Chicago Cheesecake 

I had this couple of weeks ago when I was window shopping around The Mall before heading back to workplace for closing. Albeit I had quite a filling dinner at Excapade Sushi, Gadong before this, I am craving for a piece of rich and dense cheesecake. Hence, the cheesecake from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Adding in some of the food pictures which I took more than a year ago when I was holidaying in Beijing and Shanghai. It turned out that I had quite a lot unattached pictures in my media archive. LOL!

Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminal 1


Korean Bibimbap with Streaky Pork | ¥48

Had this at Shanghai Pudong International Airport as lunch while waiting for my flight bound for Bandar Seri Begawan. As there aren’t much food choices at the airport, both Sister and I always opted for this Korean restaurant inside the departure terminal. Loved the streaky pork as they were fat and juicy. LOL!

138 Wangfujing Avenue, 6F, Beijing apm, Beijing, China


Can’t remember what these were but I think they were Yin Yang, which a combination of both coffee and tea. It was average tasting for me as it did not leave me an impression.


Fried Meat Dumpling

I did not know what this was called and Google-d like what everyone did when they have no idea what the thing was. And Google results showed me that this was Fried Meat Dumpling. LOL! This was some kind of dumplings with juicy pork fillings on the inside.


Salted Egg Yolks Custard Buns


Deep Fried Bean Curd Skin Rolls

Can’t remember what were the fillings inside but I am pretty sure there were shrimps and pork. They came with a soy dipping sauce.


Char Siu Polo Buns


Baked Pork Rice

This took extremely long to come and we intended to cancel the dish when the waitress told us that the kitchen staff was preparing it as we speak. Did not finish the entire thing as the portion was big. And secondly, we were too full from the dim sum we ordered.

138 Wangfujing Avenue, 6F, Beijing apm, Beijing, China



Meet Fresh Signature Herbal Jelly

Meet Fresh is another dessert franchise chain similar to BlackBall. But unfortunately, we do not have Meet Fresh here in Brunei. What I ordered here is my usual favorite, be it at BlackBall or Meet Fresh. It comes with abundance of grass jelly, taro and sweet potato balls. Pour over the milk cream and you are good to go. Yummy!

15 thoughts on “Of Random Things #69

  1. Im craving for cheesecake again after seeing this post xD Where is the best cheesecake you have tried so far here in Brunei? Recently i had raspberry cheesecake from Rafia VK Kitchen in Citis Square and its just perfection ❤

    • I always crave for cheesecake too but I try not to eat much as cheesecake is very fattening for me. I will just eat in moderation.

      It depends on which flavor of cheesecakes you are after.

      Mango Cheesecake – Fleur-de-lys Bakeshop
      Durian Cheesecake – Secret Recipe
      New York Cheesecake – Zest, EMPIRE

      These were all my personal preferences though. Have you tried It’s A Grind? Their Orange Cheesecake was not bad. It wasn’t the heavy kind but orange sponge cake layers with cream cheese frosting in between layers. Very nice if you are into citrus taste. My friend did not like it as much as I did though.

      Their Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake was not bad too but the salted caramel layers were too sweet. But the chocolate sponge cake layers were extremely good!

      I liked the Brownie Cheesecake from CBTL. It’s pretty good too. Do tell me more if you know of other places which serves good cakes.

      Do you know there is one new cafe along Jalan Muara called Kapra? They don’t serve much light food but mostly coffees only.

  2. I love all kind of cheesecakes but i guess Newyork classic style cheesecake is the one i like the most. Nope havent tried anything from It’s A Grind cafe but i just went in and see whats going on. I forgot what’s on their menu but i saw some cakes and pastries. Hmmm idk any other places which serves good cakes. I recently have tried some few cakes from Bello Cafe but surprisingly they’re just alright. Nope never heard of Kapra. Wow new cafes are really mushrooming everywhere eh xD

    Talking about food vendors like from Instagram, do you have any favs? I dont have any favs yet since i dont try much buying foods/drink through online. I do wanna try some famous ones though like Phat Cookies. I heard their cookies are great. I wanna try!

    • I am different to you. When it comes to cheesecakes, I would prefer the flavored cheesecakes like Mango or Durian Cheesecakes as they are not as heavy as New York Cheesecake. One 8-inch New York Cheesecake is worth 1kg of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. At least, that’s what I learnt from YouTube tutorials. LOL! Too fattening and high calories for me.

      The drinks at It’s A Grind are not bad but more on the milky side. Maybe not suitable if you are lactose intolerant. I had their Spiced Chai Lattes twice and I think the quality is not consistent as both tasted slightly different compared to each other albeit they were the same thing.

      The cakes at Bello Cafe are not bad too, I heard. But I think their bestselling is Chocolate Lava, probably the best in Brunei at the moment. But Bello Cafe is probably most well known for their Swiss Burger. I don’t always go Bello Cafe as I don’t really like their customer service.

      Kapra is new and I think their grand opening was yesterday. Their business hour is pretty limited in a day, like 1PM to 6PM on Monday to Thursday, closes on Friday and 9AM to 6PM for Saturday and Sunday.

      To be honest, I never order anything from food vendors over Instagram. My friend does that quite often sometimes. I don’t really like it coz most of them requires self-collection and my family ain’t big eater and most of them requires a minimum order of maybe a dozen? A dozen of the same thing is actually too much for my family of three. LOL!

  3. But the more cheesier the cheesecake is, the more i like it. Haha might as well just eat the cheese xD You had a bad experience at Bello Cafe? The waitresses were nice so far to me. Hmm i should try their Swiss Burger then next time since i saw it is one of their best signature dishes. Agreed on the whole thing about the self collection and minimum order of almost a dozen when it comes to ordering the foods online xD May i know what food vendors your friend have went to?

    • If you love rich and dense cheesecakes, the closest which I came across were the ones from Coffee Bean and Starbucks Coffee. Not sure about the ones from Fleur-de-lys Bakeshop though but I like their Mango Cheesecake. Probably the best Mango Cheesecake you can find in Brunei.

      I never had a very bad experience from Bello Cafe but I do realize that their customer service was not as good as some other cafes which I had been to. But I do have friends who complained about their customer service but still returning because of their food. Ironic but true. LOL! You definitely should try their Swiss Burger. I only had it once and it was one of the best which I had tried.

      Speaking of Instagram online vendors, my friend’s colleague had once ordered Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cupcakes from mk_homebake. And she had ordered this Pocket Doraemon recently. I thought she ordered through some Instagram online vendors but it turned out she ordered them from her ex-classmate. Her ex-classmate doesn’t sell the Pocket Doraemon but they were good. So, my friend requested her to make some and she will buy from her.

      Have you heard of Ajwa Kitchen Brunei? I heard their Baked Potatoes are good. Never tried them myself but reviews on the Internet were good. My friend once ordered some macarons for her wedding reception from baking_j on Instagram. They were good. The macarons ain’t sweet and the texture was tad bit chewy.

      These were all I know of Instagram online vendors. I had never ordered from any of them as I find self-collection bothersome and I hate finding location especially in residential area. If I have to pick up a friend, I still need them to give me their home address albeit I had been there like maybe once or twice.

      I have no sense of direction and I can get lost easily especially in Perpindahan area. I tried it once and luckily I still managed to find the way out. LOL!

  4. Oh speaking of CBTL Cheesecake, they just have a promo i saw on IG! It’s blueberry cheesecake at a special price. Yea ive tried cheesecake from CBTL and they are really nice imo, along with Gloria Jeans. I only tried once at Starbucks Mabohai and their cheesecake is way too sweet, eventho i love sweet stuffs lol. Yup i have heard of Ajwa Kitchen and i think ive tried their foods at Boxstore Serusop. Can’t remember the taste tho haha xD I am probably more interested in online vendors who sell healthy foods and drinks tho like The Pantry, Rajkas Kitchen, Power Juicey and etc :3 Its just me more into healthy stuffs these days haha

    • One of the best Blueberry Cheesecakes which I had tried by far is the one from Starbucks Coffee but not in Brunei though. I had one at KK Airport during transit. It was not the rich and dense kind but tiny bit creamy though.

      Have you heard of Brunei Detox Bar? I think it is located around The Centrepoint Hotel but I have gotten round to find the exact location. Think I am going to find out the place when I am up to healthy meal. LOL!

  5. Yes i have been there Brunei Detox Bar thrice times! It’s actually just next to Kitaro Restaurant xD I am not sure of their main dishes as i havent tried yet any of them so far but i love their juices and cakes ❤ I recommend their lemonade and Raw Paleo "Snickers" Cake as well as any of their cheesecakes. The cakes are actually made by an online vendor called zestbysarahjoy on IG. They are vegan :3

    • Okay … I think I am gonna try out the place next weekend. Does the place provides seating or you can only order for takeaways? I see that they don’t have much pictures and information of the place on the Internet. Guess locals aren’t into healthy eating yet.

      Okay … I just checked the IG of zestbysarahjoy. The cakes look good.I am gonna bring my sister there when she is back next weekend. She likes gluten free food. I like too but not as much as hers. LOL!

      How are the pricings though? Fair?

  6. They rather have few seating as the place is quite small. The pricing are pricey imo but definitely a lil bit more cheaper if compared to The Energy Kitchen when it comes to healthy eateries lol. But then again i noticed healthy foods are generally expensive anyway lol. Hope you and your sis will like it! I feel like doing advertisement on this haha xD

    • It’s no surprise that healthy food is more expensive as sometimes they used organically grown produce but I don’t think it’s easy to buy organic products. Organic products are usually more expensive than non-organic products.

      It’s the same concept like vegan restaurant in Brunei. Their food are usually tad bit more expensive than the places which serves meat. Hahahaha … It’s good that you know which place to recommend when it comes to eating specific kind of food or cuisine. LOL!

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