Review: Shiseido Senka Perfect Milk

As I was typing away the title of this blog entry, I came to remember that I have yet place my order on Sasa online and Sister is coming home on the first weekend of June. I have yet figure out what I wanted to buy but I am pretty sure I will start adding items into the shopping cart once I am scrolling through the pages. LOL!

Anyways, to keep up with one blog entry per day, here’s my blog installment for today – Shiseido Senka Perfect Milk. I bought this facial cleanser quite some time ago. I think I bought this when I was in Shanghai around September 2014. I bought a lot back then and I sort of lost track of what I had and which one came in first.


Shiseido Senka Perfect Milk

As I mentioned previously, I bought too much back then to the extent that I lost count of how much I bought and what I still have in my skincare stash drawer. I had to rummage through them one by one and start picking up skincare products to use up. To be honest, this was an impulse purchase back then as I literally just grab whatever my eyes took fancy in without giving a second thought.

I started using this product earlier last week. The consistency of the liquid is runny and creamy. It smelled pleasant, just like the standardized scent from Shiseido Senka range of products. And it lathers quite well in my opinion. However, I did not like the squeaky clean tight feeling it left on my skin after I rinsed off the cleanser. It tightened my skin and I could see a few uneven skin tone patches on my skin.

At first, I thought it was probably due to my sensitive skin at that time. But the symptoms continued on after every usages. So, I decided to let go of the product and gave it to Mom. My skin is now better after I switched to another new facial cleanser.

So, here’s what I think of Shiseido Senka Perfect Milk in a nutshell:

1. Smells pleasant.
2. Affordable.

1. Tightened my skin pretty badly.
2. Made my skin rather sensitive with uneven tone patches.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 5

Price: ¥48 (Watsons, Shanghai)

Repurchase? No


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