24052016 / Yugo Dessert Cafe

After having our dinner at THE KREMA yesterday evening, both Jennifer and I felt that we did not ate much and up for a second round. We thought of having coffees at Games & Lattes but decided to go Yugo Dessert Cafe after I mentioned that their Shibuya Honey Toast was good.

According to her, she had heard reviews that Yugo Dessert Cafe always ran out of some of their desserts when it is approaching closing time. Lucky for us, we got whatever we ordered for.


Angel Smoothie | B$4.50

As I just had a cup of Cafe Latte at THE KREMA, I did not feel like having a second cuppa within a night. So, I had this Angel Smoothie instead. I was intrigued when I browsed through their menu. So, I asked the Cashier what was this Angel Smoothie. According to the Cashier, Angel Smoothie is a combination of bananas and strawberries.

So, I guess it was worth a try and went ahead with it. I think the Cashier forgotten to ask me if I wanted whipped cream on my smoothie as I remembered them asking San Diann for his Banana Smoothie on our first visit earlier. Texture wise, this Angel Smoothie was really smooth and you cannot feel the bits of the strawberries at all. On your first sip, you could taste the strawberries but not that distinctive anymore after few sips as the bananas sort of covered the strawberries.


Cafe Latte | B$4.20


Shibuya Honey Toast | B$4.00

We were rather disappointed with their Shibuya Honey Toast as it was sprinkled with too much white sugar to the extent that we have to remove them as much as we could before we eat. The toasts were not as soft as I remembered it to be. I don’t think I will be having this again anytime soon as I think I was sugar overdosed yesterday evening.

Yugo Dessert Cafe
E5, Setia Kenangan 2,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


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