Review: Balkony

Dinner tonight was at Balkony. I came across Balkony on Instagram couple of months ago but I did not know the exact location of the said cafe. Text massaged Jia to ask if she knows where Balkony is since she works around the area. It turned out that Balkony is located where Mamih in Kiulap used to be.

To my surprise, Balkony is really huge in size. There are two floors. You can choose to dine on the ground or first floor. I chose dining on the first floor as it is more spacious and has better lighting compared to the ground floor. I was impressed at how they decorated the place as it looked really nice and cozy at the same time. And there was outdoor dining by the balcony too! I chose to stay indoor as the weather had been wet tonight.


See that side of the wall? It was decorated with newspapers’ prints! Artistic I would say.



And they have potraits hanging on the ceiling. This was what I got above me. LOL!

Food time!


Cafe Latte 6oz | B$4.50

They have two serving sizes for their caffeinated beverages – 6oz (It’s Coffee) and 12oz (The Standard). I chose 6oz as I thought I had too much caffeine recently. This had the right bitterness and sourness which I prefer but there was something missing. It lacked coffee aroma. The coffee came with two pieces of butter cookies which tasted not bad.


Baked Salmon In Bed Of Pasta | B$13.90

Tantalising marinated salmon served in pasta with a side of vegetables of the day

Salmon was well marinated but slightly too salty for my liking. I chose Fettuccine for my pasta and it was cooked in carbonara style. The raw vegetables were fresh and crisp with vinaigrette dressing.


Chicken Schnitzel | B$7.90

A classic breaded chicken with a tasteful crunch and munch texture that will tickle your taste-buds

Honestly speaking, I don’t think this Chicken Schnitzel tickled my taste-buds. LOL! The breaded chicken was indeed crunchy but too greasy for me albeit I only had a small bite. It came with two dipping sauces – mushroom and wasabi. Friend liked this Chicken Schnitzel though.

Verdict: I liked the ambiance of the place as it was cozy and well decorated. Food wise, I think it was hit and miss. Jia did mentioned that friends of hers who had been to Balkony complained about the food quality and being overpriced. For me, I think food quality is acceptable but I do agree on the food being overpriced.

C-10, Shakirin Complex,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2230191

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