04062016 / Spoonfull Restaurant


Me Before You is finally out in the cinema and I watched it with Sister this morning as Jennifer could not make it for lunch due to some work obligations. The movie was good but I thought the book was better. It was a good 108 minutes spent with laughter and tears. LOL! The story-line was funny but the ending was tearful.

If you like a good romantic movie, this one is good. Majority of the audiences were female apart from two guys at the back, if I am not mistaken. Sister did commented about this before the movie started as we only saw female audiences.


As Sister was getting her hair done at Cutting Crew, I went window shopping on my own. Decided to drop by The Body Shop since I needed to stock up on their Organic Cotton Pad. And the good thing is that they are having 20% off storewide until today. I bought this because it smelled good and Sister mentioned that it smelled very close to the one that I have from L’occitane.

We both had late lunch at Spoonfull Restaurant as Sister was feeling hungry after she was done with her haircut at Cutting Crew. We actually thought of Wing-it but both menu and the prices did not entice us.


Earl Grey Tea | B$2.00


Salted Egg Yolk Fries | B$4.50

Fries coated with buttery salted egg yolks sauce

Good but sinful. In short, EAT IN MODERATION if you are watching your calories count. LOL!


Chicken Curry Mantou Burger | B$5.00

Curry sauce, fried chicken, mantou, cheddar cheese, mix salads

Loved the mantou as it was soft but I prefer if they were not deep fried. But I guess the color does not appeal if the mantou buns were not deep fried. Loved the chicken as they were juicy and tender. The curry sauce complimented the cheese very well. However, the curry sauce was a little bit spicy though.


Tofu Burger | B$7.60

Brioche buns, tofu pattie, sauteed mushrooms, romaine and tomatoes

Sister’s choice of main course. The price had increased compared to how much I paid previously for their Tofu Buger. However, I noticed that there were slight changes in the way they prepared this Tofu Burger. They added “tempe” and some sauce on top of the tofu pattie. Sister commented that the sauce was slightly spicy. I think the sauce was added to cover the “sour” taste of the tofu, if there is any.

Spoonfull Restaurant
No: 14, Ground Floor,
Citis Square,
Kampung Jaya Setia,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2340026

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