05062016 / Verve Caffe

Tomorrow would be the first day of fasting month, which means no outside dining during fasting hours. Jennifer, Sister and I were supposed to try out this Thai restaurant called Mayura in town for lunch yesterday but it was the first day of lunar calendar month. So, I have to be vegan for half a day until lunch. Therefore, lunch plan was cancelled and turned into tea plan. LOL!

The cafe was pretty crowded at the time when we arrived some time past 1:30PM. But we managed to get a big table shared with some other patrons as the side tables were kinda stuffy for three.

Without further ado, it’s food pictures time!


Hot Lady Grey | B$4


Butterscotch Latte | B$5.50

I had tried their Cinammon Latte on my previous visit. I quite like their Cinnamon Latte previously but I was being curious on trying out other flavored lattes. To be honest, I did not like this as much as I did with their Cinnamon Latte. This tasted salty, sweet and yet bitter. The first taste I got was salty, followed by sweet and lastly, bitter. In short, Butterscotch Latte is definitely not my cup of coffee. LOL!


Pecan Cheesecake | B$5.50

This was a lot smaller in size than the standard cheesecake wedge slice. However, the cheese texture was extremely creamy and smooth. Best of all, the cheese taste was strong but not in the way that you will get “jelak” if you had too much. If you love both cheese and pecans, do try this. I would highly recommend it albeit the price was steep for a small slice.


Aglio Olio | B$8.90


Spinach & Potato (Large) | B$19

To be honest, the sight of burnt sesame on the crust was a bit of a turn off. Sister mentioned that it seems like Brunei is currently on a trend whereby the cafes are serving thin crusted pizza instead of like the thick ones from Pizza Hut. The pizza base from Verve Caffe is like the Indian bread Naan. Taste wise, this was good. The combination of spinach with potatoes and cheese was simply divine but sinful.

Verve Caffe
Unit 6A,
Ground, First & Second Floor,
Simpang: 68, Jalan Batu Bersurat,
Kampung Pengkalan Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-7274153

6 thoughts on “05062016 / Verve Caffe

  1. Looks like you’ve been visiting lotsa cafe in Brunei lol =D

    Btw, did you know that there’s a new pizza place near Supa Save Beribi? It’s called Magherita Pizza >,<

    • Yeah … I think I had tried most of the recently established cafes in Brunei. LOL!

      I do know about Margherita Pizzeria but have yet tried out the place. I think their menu selection is pretty limited at the moment.

      Think I am gonna try out the place soon. Have you tried?

      • I think they have a jumbo size pizza. I saw it on Facebook previously. It would be best if they have pasta selection too!

        I think they are now offering both pizzas and puffs at the moment. It is Ramadan season now. Have you tried any sungkai buffet deals?

        Have you heard of the Sweet Nyonya Restaurant? I am thinking of trying it soon. Heard their Nyonya dishes were not bad.

        And there is one new restaurant which used to be the De’Olde Cottage in Batu Bersurat. They have this Kuching style Chicken Rice with Chicken Curry at the side. Looks very nice too!

      • Haven’t tried any sungkai buffet deals eventhough I have a list of them. Not so keen on buffets actually. Yeah, I’ve heard of Sweet Nyonya Restaurant – the one in Regent Square right? I went there for their nyonya kuehs – quite nice =)

      • Throughout my years in Brunei, I only had tried Sungkai buffer once and it was the one at Goldiana Lounge in Orchid Garden Hotel.

        Buffet is pretty much of a waste of money for me as I get full pretty fast, like after first round?

        Two of my friends just tried Sweet Nyonya Restaurant and they said the delicacies were too sweet than the average standard. Guess they customized to local preferences?

        I intended to bring my family to try out the place this Sunday but I guess I am gonna skip it and find elsewhere since my parents ain’t fans of sweet stuffs.

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