07062016 / Dapur Penyet, Delima

Intended to have dinner with Sister and Jennifer at Anjung Saujana Restaurant & Catering in Brunei International Airport before their flight to Bali yesterday evening. But it seems like a hurry so I cancelled it on short notice. I had dinner at Dapur Penyet instead as I was craving for Nasi Lemak and I also needed to place an order at Mum Bakery.

I know Ayam Penyet seems quite far from the kind of Nasi Lemak which I wanted. But it was the chili sambal sauce which I was craving for actually. LOL! Sister borrowed my SONY NEX-3N for her Bali trip as she did not bring her camera back with her this time round. I had no choice but to make do with the camera on my iPhone 5S.


It took me by surprise that the restaurant was not packed to the brim with Muslims opening their fast for the day. There were only two to three tables which were occupied by patrons at the time when I arrived.


5 Sours | B$4.50

Requested for less ice for my 5 Sours but I do not think this was any lesser. LOL! It was good but not as sour as I hoped to be. They were generous with the ingredients but somehow my 5 Sours was more on the sweet side than sour.


Grilled Honey Chicken | B$6.50

Came with a piece of whole leg grilled chicken glazed with honey and barbecue sauce, deep fried tempe and tofu, sambal chili sauce, raw vegetables and lime. Had the deep fried tofu and it was good. It was fresh instead of the sour kind which I usually got from elsewhere when I had Ayam Penyet. The chicken was nicely done but the glaze was tad bit salty for my liking.

If you like hot and spicy sambal chili sauce, the one at Dapur Penyet might be good for you. Normally, I am able to finish that portion of sambal chili sauce but this one was too spicy for my tongue to tolerate. LOL! Anyways, a rice portion is charged at B$0.40.

Dapur Penyet
Unit 9, Ground Floor,
Block C, Delima Square,
Delima Satu, BB4713,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2330033 / +673-7151177

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