12062016 / KaKa Restaurant & Catering

Father’s Day dinner was at KaKa Restaurant & Catering but without the father. LOL! Wondered why? Dad was not feeling well since the night before so he asked us to go ahead without him and order some takeaway for him. We did not go far, just some restaurant nearby our house. We intended to go The Frenz Café but they were closed that day. So, we ended up at KaKa Restaurant & Catering instead.


Kasturi Asam Boi Ping | B$1.50

This was not bad but I would prefer if it was less sweet but more sour in taste. The drink has a strong salted sour plum taste though.


Mee Mamak Chicken | B$4.50

We requested for chicken as the menu showed that Mee Mamak comes with seafood. It was pretty good but tad bit oily for me. Mom commented that the noodles were spicy. But the spiciness level was okay for both Sister and I. Sister who doesn’t eat spicy food commented that it was not spicy at all.


Kolo Mee Penyet | B$6.00

Sister did not feel like having rice so she had this Kolo Mee Penyet. She mentioned that the noodle flavoring was okay but overcooked though. I on the other hand thought that the flavoring of the noodle was missing something. The sambal chili was good but lack of spiciness. It was tad bit sweet though.


Nasi Goreng Istimewa | B$6.00

I was surprised that my Nasi Goreng Istimewa came with two sticks of chicken skewer (satay). The satay were good and so did the deep fried chicken drumstick. Requested the waitress that I do not want the frozen vegetables in my fried rice. Flavoring of the fried rice was okay but I think they went slightly overboard with the pepper powder.

KaKa Restarant & Catering
Unit 10, Block B,
Bangunan Awang Haji Ibrahim,
Kampung Mentiri,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2790111


2 thoughts on “12062016 / KaKa Restaurant & Catering

  1. Hi, I found out that the Frenz Cafe at Mentiri is closed for good as they’re moving to a new location in Kiulap. So I’m quite excited by that, it will be much nearer to where I live 😀

    • Really? It was only like two weeks ago since I last been there but then there was no notice for closure. Thanks for informing though.

      Guess that business is slow in Mentiri area and they decided to move to another prominent area for better business.

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