15062016 / Fish & Co

It has been a long time since I last been to Fish & Co. The last time was more than two years ago if I recalled correctly. I had wanted to go Pasta Mania but I do not feel like going in when I saw that they were serving buffet spread. I am pretty sure that they do ala-carte too if requested.

Business was slow today as there was only a table occupied at the time when I stepped into the restaurant. And it makes two if you count the one I occupied in. I specifically chose a seating with bright light for food photography purpose and the duty manager joked to me that it was free seating. LOL!


Seafood Spaghetti | B$5.95

Wholesome pasta served with mineral-rich seafood in a hearty tomato pesto sauce

I was actually craving for an Aglio Olio but when I flipped through the menu pages, I came across a page whereby they have food dishes under 500 kcal. This Seafood Spaghetti is claimed to only contain 471 Kcal, which I highly doubted.

When you have a craving, do not bother about the calories count. Eat as you please and worry later. I think I deserved this platter of pasta without having to think of the calories count after the kind of days I had.

This Seafood Spaghetti comes with three pieces of frozen mussels, three calamari rings and two large size prawns. It is more of a soupy pasta instead of the dry kind. I liked the soup base as it has the right level of sour taste hence making it extremely appetizing. I usually avoid prawns nowadays but these were juicy.

Fish & Co.
Lot 18/19, Citis Square,
Kampung Jaya Setia,
Mukim Berakas,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2392666


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