17062016 / Kapra Coffee

Had supper at Kapra Coffee after I was done with my grocery shopping at Supa Save, Mata Mata. Arrived around 9:15PM to find that friend was already there. I thought I will be earlier but it turned out that I am the one late. LOL! The place was packed but the owner managed to make space for two on the high table.


Cappuccino | B$4.50

I did not feel like having Cafe Latte so I tried their Cappuccino instead. I think I am more used to the taste of Cafe Latte to the extent that I had completely forgotten how Cappuccino should tastes like.

When this was being served, I was surprised by the size of the cup. I had Cappuccino while friend had Cafe Latte. His cup size was twice larger than mine. So, I asked the server if he is sure my cup of coffee is Cappuccino. LOL! I am so used to the large cup size of Cappuccino from the coffee chain franchises that we have here in Brunei.


Mango Kasturi| B$6.50

fresh vanilla cream, kasturi juice, fresh mangoes

Layers of sponge cakes sandwiched between layers of fresh vanilla cream frosting. Albeit there was kasturi juice in the cake but the taste was extremely subtle. The mango chunks were extremely sweet though.

Kapra Coffee
Unit 26, Ground Floor,
Block C,
Simpang: 440,
Jalan Muara,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

4 thoughts on “17062016 / Kapra Coffee

  1. I got confused this cafe with The Krema Cafe because they kinda sounds similar aha. What other cakes do they have?

    • Hahaha … It is understandable that you get confused easily as they both started with K and were opened around the same time too.

      Well, cake selections varying at times depending on what their collaborating home bakers provide them at the time. But then you could always follow @cakediem_bn and @mentegapatisserie if you wanna know more. They do update when they are sending their bakes to the cafe.

      But the common ones that I see most of the time are Bugs Bunny Goes Nut (Classic Carrot Cake), Eat Your Greens (Pandan Cheesecake) and Pick Me Up (Banana Cake).

  2. Oh wow i see. Will check out those IGs out hehe. Thanks for the infos! Wow never heard of pandan cheesecake before. That must be nice with the local twist :9

    • Well, their Pandan Cheesecake is nothing like Mango Cheesecake that we usually have. Their version of Pandan Cheesecake is layers of Pandan sponge cakes sandwiched with layers of cream cheese frosting.

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