20062016 / The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Supa Save Mata-Mata

The gang (San Diann & Clara) and I met up for dinner at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) in Supa Save Mata Mata yesterday evening. I had arrived early as there was nothing much I could do in town as no food is allowed in public places. And therefore, cafes and restaurant do not serve dining in guest but takeaways only.

When I placed my order for Cafe Latte, the Cashier kindly asked me if I mind my coffee being served to me after 6:30PM. Well, there is nothing much I could do about it but to nod in agreement. I waited for the both of them to arrive before placing orders for our main courses. Pitted dates were served prior to dinner. It is a tradition for the Muslims to eat dates before they open their fast.

Without further ado, let me show you what the three of us had for dinner yesterday. We ordered pastas for ourselves and pizza to share.


Carbonara | B$10.50


Spaghetti Aglio Olio E Peperoncino Frutti Di Mare | B$11.90

Sauteed mixed seafood and simple sauce of chili and garlic in olive oil

This was what San Diann had for dinner yesterday evening. It came with generous portion of seafood and they looked fresh too! San Diann did not mention much about his pasta but I guess it was pretty good for him. Perhaps I might try this next time as the portion of seafood looking tempting especially the large size mussels!


Spinach Tagliatelle Alla Puttanesca | B$8.50

Spicy tomato sauce with black olives, capers and anchovies

I do not feel like ordering the same thing again so I had this Spinach Tagliatelle Alla Puttanesca. It took me quite some time to decide before I settled with this one. I chose this as it looked pretty healthy to me compared to the rest. Aglio Olio is healthy but they do not have plain version but seafood.

To be honest, there is nothing much special about this Spinach Tagliatelle Alla Puttanesca apart from salty and yet sour at the same time. The pasta sauce was salty from both the anchovies and black olives. I expected the pasta to be spicy as it was claimed as so on the menu. But it was nowhere near the spiciness which I expected.

This was an okay plate of pasta for me but I preferred Linguine Al Pesto Genovese from the other day.


Funghi | B$12.90

Home made tomato sauce with assorted mushroom & mozzarella cheese

We ordered this to share. The crust and base were good. However, I was disappointed that there weren’t assorted mushrooms but oyster mushrooms only and the taste was a bit off. I preferred button mushrooms over this. All in all, this was good but it would have been better if they used button mushrooms instead. But this was just my two cents.

Good news! If you are a DST Prima account holder, just flash them your membership card and they will give you 25% off your total dining bill! How cool is that???!!! But if you are not one, fret not! They will still give you a discount of 12% off your total dining bill.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
No: 1, Supa Save,
Block C,
Suncity Mata-Mata,
Jalan Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


2 thoughts on “20062016 / The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Supa Save Mata-Mata

    • Yeah … Their pizzas are not bad but I was tiny bit disappointed with their Funghi pizza as they used oyster mushroom instead of button mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms has a kind of odd taste if not cooked properly.

      Do you like Pesto? If you do, try their Linguine Al Pesto Genovese. It has a strong blend of basil! It is priced at B$10.90 but if you have DST Prima Card, they will give you 25% off. But if you don’t, 12% off your total dining bill during Ramadhan month.

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