24062016 / Bello Cafe, Kiulap

Bello Cafe has recently opened a new branch around Anggerek Desa. I have yet try out the place but I am sure it would be a lot convenient for me when I am craving for their Molten Lava or Swiss Burger. Anyways, Kaylie was not feeling full after our coffees and fries session at THE KREMA. So, she suggested that we go for second round as she was craving for Molten Chocolate Lava.

So, off we went to Seri Qlap Mall where Bello Cafe is located. It took us a few turns before we managed to find a parking space. I think the parking spaces were taken up by cinema customers as there were a couple of blockbusters showing over the weekend. To be honest, I was thinking of re-watching Me Before You at the cinema today before dinner with Jennifer at Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe later on but the movie is no longer showing.


Vanilla Milkshake | B$5.50

I wonder how can someone take in so many cold food in within a short period. LOL! This was definitely not mine but Kaylie’s. I am not so into ice blended beverage apart from Ice Blended White Chocolate Dream from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.


Durian Cake | B$4.80

This is Durian Butter Cake served with some whipping cream and a thin slice of strawberry. The texture was okay but I think it was underbaked at the bottom as the base looked kind of dense.

Taste wise, it was pretty durian-y but I doubt they used a lot of the durian flesh but more on durian essence. The cake was preheated before serving lest the cake would be even tougher. Not something I would order again as I think I could make a better one if given a recipe. LOL!

Bello Cafe
Unit L1/12, Ground Floor,
Seri Qlap Mall, Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BB3577,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2233989

2 thoughts on “24062016 / Bello Cafe, Kiulap

  1. Oh i didn’t see durian cake last time at the Anggerek Desa branch. It looks good tbh. I would appreciate it if they used the Durian Flesh much more rather than the essence. Maybe it’s just me but i feel like their cakes are just alright? I actually expected them to be great but they’re just okay. Their mango cheesecake is quite good tho ❤

    • I think their Durian Cake is seasonal as this was the first time that I see their Durian Cake too! If you love Durian Cake, try the ones from Secret Recipe. They used durian flesh instead of durian essence. Their Durian Cheesecake is good.

      The cakes at Bello Cafe are alright. Nothing special to rave about. The cakes at Games & Latte were not bad though. You could give it a try next time. Their Matcha Tart was good! I think the only nice cake from Bello Cafe is probably their Molten Chocolate Lava?

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