Sungkai Buffet Review: Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe

Fasting month had gone by half a month and this was the first Sungkai Buffet which I had been to this year. I am not a huge fan of Sungkai Buffet as I do not eat much. Of all the Sungkai Buffet offered in town this year, this Sungkai Buffet from Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe was the only one which tempted me.

Jennifer mentioned about it quite a few times before she decided that we should at least try their Sungkai Buffet once. So, off we went yesterday evening for dinner. I made reservation for two three days before to avoid disappointment. Their Sungkai Buffet starts at 6PM but you are not allowed to eat until prayer has been made. By the time we started eating, it was around 6:40PM.

I arrived R&B around 5:30PM so that I could take some pictures of the buffet spread just in case if you are curious of what they are serving. But you could always get a full glimpse of what they are serving from the cafe’s official Instagram profile. If you are hungry at the moment, I would suggest that you skip this and come back another day as this is a food pornography blog entry. LOL!


As for refreshment, they are serving Bandung, Lemon Mint Refresher, coffee and sliced watermelon. I had their Lemon Mint Refresher. It tasted lemony mixed with soda water.


This was their Salad bar and I had a bit of their Ceasar Salad with some Ceasar dressing to start the meal. If you fancy some rojak, they have that too but with limited choices. They have Gado-Gado too!


Soup of the day – Creamy Mushroom Soup with assorted freshly baked dinner rolls. I had their wholemeal dinner roll and it was warm and soft. It went extremely well with the creamy soup.


Braised Beef Ribs


Pan Fried Salmon with Vinaigrette Crabmeat Potato

I had a small slice of this and I did not really like it. I find the salmon to be overcooked as it was pretty dry in my opinion.


Lamb Shank

Too salty for my liking but it should goes well with some rice to neutralize the saltiness. Texture wise, the meat were tender and they were well marinated.


Kuching Kolo Mee & R&B Chicken Wings

The Kuching Kolo Mee was nice. What’s special about their Kuching Kolo Mee is that they are springy as compared to the local ones that we have here in Brunei. The noodles were tossed in Chicken Char Siu sauce. A bit salty for me as well but good enough if you are craving for a decent bowl of Kuching Kolo Mee.

R&B Chicken Wings were okay but nothing special to rave about.


Baked Vegetables


Chicken Lasagna & Vegetable Lasagna
Chicken Satay
Aglio Olio & Tuna Mac & Cheese
Plain Rice with Raisins & Indonesian Fried Rice

Super love their Vegetable Lasagna. It was creamy and very additive. I had two servings of their Vegetable Lasagna. Their Aglio Olio was good too but wee bit dry as it was continuously cooked under the heat on the chafing dish. I did not try the rest of their pasta dishes but Jennifer commented that their Tuna Mac & Cheese and Chicken Lasagne were too salty!

I loved their Chicken Satay as the meat were well marinated and tender as well. They were good enough even without the peanut dipping sauce.


Assorted Tempura


Deep Fried Calamari Rings, Potato Wedges, French Fries, Waffles & Smiley Fries


Assorted Sushi

Which you can give a miss as they are not those sushi with salmon chunks inside. I did not try their sushi selection but Jennifer did mention that they were average.


Assorted Tarts & bites sized cakes

I had their Fresh Fruit Mini Tarts and it was good but too buttery for me though.


Bread & Pudding


I only had their Carrot Cake from the selection and it was good. Jennifer had one of their Bandung flavored cake which she thought was Red Velvet in the first place. LOL!

Price: B$29.90 (adults) & B$14.90 (child 6 – 12 years old)

Verdict: All in all, I would say it was a good dining experience and the spread was worthwhile the money paid. The food were okay but wee bit salty in my opinion. Well, I guess they were customized to local preference though.

Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe
Unit 8, Block H, 1ST & 2ND Floor,
Abdul Razak Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2457886


4 thoughts on “Sungkai Buffet Review: Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe

  1. The buffet spread looks really tempting. I went to the sungkai buffet at Pho Hua Vietnamese restaurant at Kiulap the other day – was so not worth it eventhough it only cost me $13.90 – the food was not nice and the buffet spread was not even good enough. I went for one round and that was it. The rest of my rounds were mixed vege salad and their vietnamese spring rolls (which were quite ok-ish) T__T

    • I had seen Pho Hoa buffet spread on their Instagram profile and they did not tempt me. Price wise, still okay but considered expensive if the food are not good. I had been to Pho Hoa last month and was so disappointed with the quality of the food compared to when it was just opened.

      The newly launched menus were too salty, as if a big chunk of salt were thrown into the wok. The only satisfying dish which I had that day was probably the Vietnamese spring rolls.

  2. OMG i’m so jealous of you! I wanna have sungkai buffet there but their price is just too steep xD lol. Their desserts are to die for :9 I wonder how the Bandung cake tasted like lol. Their sushi look tiny 😮 Or it’s just me..

    • Hahaha … I did not really wanted to go though the buffet spread kind of tempted me but my friend had been mentioned about their sungkai buffet and she said we should try it one day. So, off we went. That’s how I ended up going.

      I had only tried a couple of their cakes. Bandung cake tasted like rose syrup, I guess? If you go to Kapra Coffee along Jalan Muara, they have this Bandung Chiffon Cake for B$4.50 per slice.

      You can skip the sushi, nothing special about them. They are just rice rolls with frankfurters. At least that’s what my friend said after trying them out. Do try their Braised Beef Ribs, they are good according to my friend. I did not try that as I don’t eat beef. I did try their Lamb Shank. Meat were tender enough but too salty for my liking though.

      B$29.90 is indeed steep for a meal when you probably don’t even eat to that value of money but then I guess it’s worthwhile as they are not skimpy with ingredients. It is only a matter of whether you are able to eat much. LOL!

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