10072016 / BELLUNO Cafe

We have a new member joining us for lunch today at BELLUNO Cafe. It was usually the three of us – San Diann, Clara and I. Some time last week, Clara asked both San Diann and I if we minded Shew Hiang tagging along to our routine lunch/dinner gathering.

Well, we had no objection as the more the merrier, right? So, we decided to meet for lunch today since no one is working on a Sunday. It took us forever before deciding on BELLUNO Cafe. I made the three of them a list of eateries that we could try. And it was either San Diann or Clara who came up with BELLUNO Cafe which was not stated on my list. It was definitely not me as I had heard mixed reviews about the place in terms of their customer service rating.


They finally had a signage in front of their cafe! I remembered that they did not have it for quite some time after opening and it was slightly difficult to locate the cafe.



I love these cup glasses as well as the display of lemons in a wooden crate next to them! Without further ado, let me show you what we had for lunch today.


Latte | B$4.50

I had wanted to try their Matcha Latte but was being informed that anything Matcha flavored is currently unavailable. And so is their Taro Latte. So, I settled with an ordinary Latte instead. Nothing special about their Latte as I find their coffee taste not to be as strong as I liked. It tasted more milky to me.


Iced Cappuccino | B$5.50

Shew Hiang’s. You can choose with added or no added sugar. Shew Hiang quite liked her Iced Cappuccino so it was a pass for her.


Vanilla Frappes | B$5.50


Avocado Smoothie | B$6.00

San Diann’s. He was super addicted to his Avocado Smoothie to which he finished the entire thing way before his main course was served. LOL!


Wild Mushroom Aglio Olio | B$8.00

Spaghetti wild mixed mushroom, capsicum tossed in extra virgin olive oil

Both Clara and I chose the same pasta dish. I liked that the serving of wild mushroom was generous but they were slightly too salty for my liking. The pasta was cooked alright but a little bit hard though. All in all, this was a good pasta dish and I would not mind ordering it again next time.


Chicken Schnitzel | B$13.00

Breaded chicken with parmesan served with lemon mayo and fries

Would you look at the humongous size of the breaded chicken fillets???!!! We were practically in shock when this was being served to Shew Hiang. She shared a partial of her breaded chicken fillets and she still cannot finish them by the end of the meal. Albeit expensive, I think this was worthwhile the money paid given the portion.


Caraba’s Italian Chicken Burger | B$14.00

Grilled boneless quarter chicken, white button mushroom, fresh tomatoes, Tuscany creamy sundried tomato dressing, cheddar cheese and fries

Expensive but it was pretty good, I would say. The meat was tender and juicy as the chicken skin was not removed when grilling. I liked the fries as they were done to what I deemed as perfection. It was crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside.


Cropped picture of Shew Hiang, Clara and San Diann. This was taken as a sample shot to check which direction gives a better lighting in picture. And the three of them liked that the picture made their skin looked so flawless! All thanks to the skin enhancer feature in my camera. LOL!


This was taken with the help from one of the staffs at BELLUNO Cafe, which I think she did not do the focusing feature well before pressing on the shutter. That was why everyone’s face was blurred apart from San Diann’s.

Verdict: Food quality was okay but I think they do use lesser salt in their cookings. Customer service was okay in my opinion. It was not as horrible as to what I heard previously from friends. I definitely won’t mind returning again next time to try their Matcha Molten Lava (if available) and Grilled Chicken Pesto Pasta.

Unit 2, Block C,
Kiarong Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2429010


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