Of Random Things #70

It was our Company’s anniversary yesterday and we ordered outside catering service from Seri Kemayan Restaurant for a buffet spread feeding 40 pax. To be honest, we find the portion to be slightly less for 40 pax. But lucky for us, we managed to ensure that everyone were well fed and there were still leftovers.


This was pretty good and it would be a lot better if they were less oily. But what can you expect from something deep fried, right? I think it was some kind of fish paste with chives wrapped in beancurd skin and then deep fried.


Salted Egg Prawn

I did not have any of these as I had been avoiding prawn for more than a year. I still have one or two once in a while when I feel like eating. But according to my colleagues, these were “sea” prawns instead of those locally bred prawns that we usually buy off the fish market in Gadong.


Hong Kong Style Roasted Chicken

I did not have any of this as I think it was similar to the roasted chicken which we usually get out of the Company’s daily provided meals. We normally get roasted chicken like twice per month. There were a lot of leftovers for this and our kitchen helper turned them into Stir Fry Soy Sauce Roasted Chicken with gingers. LOL!


Bailing Mushroom Broccoli with Beancurd Skin

I ate quite a lot of this especially the Bailing mushroom and beancurd skin. Nothing special about this. It was solely because I love both Bailing mushroom and beancurd skin. Hahaha … xD


Butter Egg Fish Fillet

A rather disappointing dish they have here. The fish fillets were fresh instead of those frozen dory fish fillets. But unfortunately, I find the fish to be dry for my liking. Colleagues mentioned the same thing too so it was not solely my own personal opinion.


Ginger Spring Onion Deer Meat


Double Fish Fried Rice

What double fish meant was salted fish topped with deep fried tiny anchovies. I did not have this either but I heard it was good.


Fried Noodles Seafood

Okay … This was good and it smelled great too. I liked that their noodles were not the thick ones and the flavors were well spot on. I requested not to have beansprouts included in the noodles as beansprouts might somehow kill the taste especially if when they were not using fresh ones.

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