Review: Old Coffee House

After our haircut session this morning, Mom and I headed to Old Coffee House around Batu Bersurat for lunch. I came across this restaurant when I was browsing through my Instagram Explore page. I am not sure how long this place had been established but probably less than five years or so?

If you are wondering where this Old Coffee House is located, it is located on the same block as to where Yi Yuan Ting (formely known as Shikai Restaurant) is located.


In case you still do not know where this Yi Yuan Ting is, Old Coffee House is located right next to the car rental company in Batu Bersurat. Turn left at the end of the lane where Doux Pattiserrie and De’Olde Cottage Restaurant are located.


Kopi-O (Small) | B$0.60

Shared this with Mom as I needed my caffeine fix for the day. I was thinking of going out on my own for a caffeine fix at one of the cafes in town but I was too lazy to do so and most of my friends are working today.


Yong Tau Fu Chicken Soup (6 pieces) | B$4.50 

This was supposedly B$4.00 only but I added some Tang Hoon. So, that was additional B$0.50 charge for the Tang Hoon. They offer a couple of soup base options – curry, tom yam and chicken. The chicken soup was flavorful but tad bit salty and they added slightly too much white pepper powder.

You get to choose 6 types of stuffed tofu or vegetables from the Yong Tau Fu bar counter. I had three stuffed tofus, one each of stuffed lady finger and red chili and one fish cake.


Kuching Curry Rice (Chicken) | B$5.50

Honestly speaking, I went Old Coffee House for this and I was disappointed. It was not as good as I hoped it to be. Both the rice and steamed chicken were too dry for me. I prefer dry to wet rice grains but this was too dry. The curry soup was however very nice. It has the right spiciness which I like. All in all, this was an okay-ish dish but a bit overated in my opinion.

Old Coffee House
Unit 3, Block E,
Sempurna Complex,
Batu Bersurat,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2429278


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