Of Random Things #71

I finally got myself a LED TV for my room earlier this month when I took the weekend off from work. I decided that I had enough of watching drama series through the mini size monitor of my HP notebook. When I saw that Panasonic is selling 32″ for $297 only, I decided to redeem my B$50 Hua Ho voucher from Standard Chartered Bank and top up for the remaining balance.

Coincidentally, Standard Chartered Bank was doing a promotion at that time whereby you will get 10% discount if you pay with Hua Ho Master Card. Thank goodness that I have yet unsubscribe the credit card. I intended to do so earlier this year since I have not been using the card much as compared to my other card. But thankfully, I did not. So, I guess the card will still stay with me for some time.


The TV doesn’t look big in the picture but it was good enough compared to my 20″ monitor screen which I had been using all these while before this 32″.

And here I am watching Haven Season 4 which I downloaded into my hard disk quite some time ago. Haven has a good story line. It may not have a strong sense of humor but good enough to make you chase it day and night. LOL!

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