Review: Meet D’Brown, Miri

I was in Miri for a day trip yesterday to run some errands. And most importantly, it was to get a traditional massage focusing on my lymphatic glands as I had been experiencing pain on my left shoulder blade and constant numbness of my left arm as well. When I got home from Miri yesterday evening, it was as if my bones inside my body were disconnecting. The pain was almost unbearable. So, I ran a hot shower to relieve the soreness.

And both my arms were swollen this morning from the massaging. Albeit the soreness, I feel that my blood is circulating better than a week before. I did sleep well yesterday evening but I flinched with pain everytime I made a slight move. I even have to use a pillow to support the weight of my hip before I sleep.

Anyways, let’s not talk about my pain anymore. So, Alan picked me up some time after nine in the morning. We headed to Meet D’Brown for breakfast as per my request and it was also Alan’s belated birthday treat from me. And his birthday was in April. LOL!


Meet D’Brown is located next to 老婆豆花 and in the same area as Murano Cafe and STAGE. It took us two rounds before we could find the cafe as I only remembered that it is located across Murano Cafe. It will be easy once you are able to locate either Murano Cafe or STAGE.


The interior design of the cafe is simplistic but cracks on the grey wallpapers were pretty obvious and some parts were even torn. I think we were the first two customers of the day as there was no one else apart from staff members at the time we stepped into the cafe.


Lemon & Mint Detox Water | RM6

Aids in weight loss and great Vitamin C

I wanted to try their Salted Caramel Latte for my daily caffeine fix but was being told that their Barista was unavailable at the time. So, I chose this instead since I am on a diet week as I gained 2.5 kilos in within a short period of time.

Thankfully, I managed to shed off the excess in within days of eating vegetables and fruits, avoiding carbs as well.


New Yorker | RM19

Two slices of bread, beef or chicken sausage, beef bacon, salad, baked beans, hash brown and choices of eggs

This was Alan’s choice of breakfast. According to him, it was not bad compared to Big Brekkie from Piato Bistro. To be honest, I think I preferred Big Brekkie from Piato Bistro as they serve pork bacon and multiple choices of bread. But we both agreed that their soft boiled egg was perfectly done to our liking.


Wendy’s Favorite Toast | RM14

Maple butter toast, salad and half boiled egg

Nothing fancy to rave about this Wendy’s Favorite Toast but I do love their soft boiled egg. It was done to perfection. To be honest, I suck at cooking soft boiled egg as I always ended up with a completely cooked boiled egg.

Verdict: Location wise, I think it is a little bit far. Probably because I was traveling from the airport instead of the city centre. This cafe is definitely a Muslim friendly cafe as they do not serve pork and most of their dishes come with beef. There were not much for me to choose from as I do not eat beef.

I was disappointed when I was being told that they cannot serve me coffee beverage because their Barista was not around. I just don’t think that it is appropriate. You can’t be just having one Barista, right? Anyways, it was just my own personal opinion.


Meet D’Brown
Lot 2991, Ground Floor,
Block 2, MCLD,
Jalan Pujut 5/7C,
98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-0148822148

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