Review: Pelicana Chicken, Brunei

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, Jennifer and I went to try out the newly established franchise Pelicana Chicken located at Setia Kenangan 2. To be honest, I had never heard of Pelicana Chicken until Jia sent me a Whatsapp message about the launching of this franchise in Brunei.

Did a little bit of background check to find that Pelicana Chicken was featured in My Love From The Star. So, is it worth the hype? Let’s find out, shall we?


Pelicana Chicken is located at Setia Kenangan 2, in between The Library Cafe and L’orient. The place was not as crowded as I expected it to be. There were still tables vacant. There are two dining floors – ground and first floor.

Pelicana Chicken operates like fast food chain whereby you order over the counter and pay for them. The Cashier will then give you a waiting number which you will bring with you to the dining table and the server will bring food based on the waiting number.


I liked the design of their waiting numbers thingy. The holders were designed in the shape of a tree bark but they were surprisingly lightweight.


Bori-Cha, Korean Barley Tea | B$3.00

Pelicana Chicken offers quite a variety of beverages but nothing caught my fancy. So, I decided to order the same thing like Jennifer. This is the Korean version of barley tea. It had a very nice roasted smell but very unlike the usual barley drink we always have.


Dumali Half Chicken | B$16.90 & Korean Fragrant Rice | B$1.90

To be honest, I think the menu was rather deceiving. It mentioned on the menu that you choose the portion size you want, either half or whole chicken and choose any two flavors. But when we were placing our orders, we were being informed that we could only choose one flavor as Peli Crunchy is compulsory as part of the deal.

We had Peli Crunchy and Original Yangnyeom. Peli Crunchy was like the deep fried chickens from KFC whereas Original Yangnyeom was mildly spicy and yet sweet at the same time. Both were good but Jennifer and I preferred Original Yangnyeom over Peli Crunchy.

Our Dumali Half Chicken came with fries and side dish of the day. Side dish of today was preserved radish and the portion was pathetically tiny. Fries were not that well done and they could be more crunchier.

The Korean Fragrant Rice was good but tad bit dry. The taste was similar to our local version of chicken rice but tossed with shredded seaweed and black sesame seeds.

Verdict: Both food and customer service were okay in my opinion. But waiting time was horrendously long. Drinks came shortly after ordering but main course took 40 minutes to arrive after ordering.

Is it worth the hype? Not exactly, I would say. I do not suggest going if you are starving unless it is during non-peak hours. I don’t think I will be returning any time soon as I do not like the idea of having to wait 40 minutes for my food to arrive after ordering. Perhaps when the crowd had slowed down?

Pelicana Chicken
C7, Block C, Ground Floor,
Setia Kenangan 2,
Simpang: 150-5-13-18,
Kampung Kiulap, BE1518,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2239933


2 thoughts on “Review: Pelicana Chicken, Brunei

    • It was not bad but not overly good either. It was in average range. LOL!

      I think you should just try their fried chicken as that is their signature dish. I had not returned since my first visit as they took 40 minutes to serve after ordering. I think it should be better now since the novelty has sort of worn off.

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