Review: Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask

It is finally Sunday tomorrow and also a fully packed day, at least till afternoon. I am meeting up with San Diann and Clara tomorrow morning for breakfast at BREW Cafe & Bakery. Lunch will be at a Thai restaurant located in Wisma Jaya with the both of them and Shew Hiang. High tea will be at Flour & Butter Cafe with Jennifer after lunch.

Anyways, I will be reviewing on Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask today. I have got two of this at the moment and they were both free gift samples from my Elizabeth Arden hauls some time ago. My colleagues had been raving about this product and they were telling me that I should be using it rather than let them sit in my skincare drawer stash. So, I had been using this like once in a week or more when I feel like it.


Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask 

This is a sample tester because I remembered that the actual product does not come with this kind of plastic cap. The actual product has a fancier product cap as I had previously used another range of their facial clay mask.

So, what is this product about? This is a leave-on clay mask which claimed to provide hydration to the skin. And how do you use it? Squeeze the required amount of paste depending on your face mass onto your palm. Gently apply the paste evenly on the face and leave them on for like 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing them off with lukewarm water.

The texture is like a clay mask but it neither hardens or stiffens like usual clay masks do. It has a unique scent but not heavily perfumed. It somehow smelled rather herbal to me. You will get an icy and cooling feeling when you have the mask on your face. I take that the mask is also tightening up my pores at the same time.

Does this product lives up to my expectations? Hmm … I would say I like the cooling effect that it leaves on my skin even after rinsing the clay mask off with water. And I also like that the mask does not harden or stiffen like usual clay masks do. But I did not see much significant result on my skin in terms of hydration.

This product did leave my skin soft and smooth to the touch after rinsing off with water. But that’s it and nothing more.

So, here’s what I think of Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask in a nutshell:

1. Does not harden or stiffen like usual clay masks do.
2. Icy and cooling effect on the skin.
3. Does not cause skin breakout.
4. Soft and smooth skin to the touch.

1. No significant result in terms of hydrating the skin.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Price: Free (I got mine for free but it was previously retailed for B$19.90 at Hua Ho Yayasan)

Repurchase? Maybe not


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