Miri Food Hunts / Kwang Tung Cafe & 72变 Cafe

This is my last installment of our Miri food hunting trip which took place last weekend. Ing brought us to Kwang Tung Cafe to try out Choo Hoon Mee Stall. According to her, this stall serves one of the most authentic Fuzhou cuisines. To be honest, I am not sure how authentic they were as I am no Fuzhou-an and neither is Ing. But I guess she must have tried a lot to know what is and what not.

Located nearby UTC and Somerset Hotel


The owner of the stall is a friend of hers. Ing highly recommended us her 鼎邊糊 (Ding Bian Hu) and 乾炒糟菜米粉. So, let me show you what we had at Chuo Hoon Mee Stall the other day. 


鼎邊糊 | RM5

A bowl of this was RM5 and it came with generous portion of meat, noodles and black fungus. The noodles are made with rice flour batter and the soup broth will turn slightly thicker than the usual clear soup broth. One way to indulge this bowl of 鼎邊糊 is to add in more white pepper powder for a stronger taste.


乾炒糟菜米粉 | RM5.50 – RM6.50

Not entirely sure if this was RM5.50 but it should be between RM5.50 to RM6.50. A plate of this came with generous portion of cubed Char Siu and bean sprouts. It was cooked like the usual stir fry rice vermicelli noodles but with white vinegar! It was extremely appetizing but I liked it even better with more vinegar for an appetizing kick. LOL!

72变 CAFE
Lot 894, Ground Floor, Jalan Pala, MCLD Waterfront Commercial Centre, Miri


Mango Longan + Nata | RM7


Ice Mixed Fruits | RM5

This was shaved ice topped with generous portion of cubed fresh fruits like watermelon, dragon fruits, honeydew and so on. The shaved ice was drizzled with evaporated milk for a creamy and milky taste. It is something similar to our local ABC but a healthier option as it was loaded with fruit goodness.


We all took group selfie together by the end of the meal as we will be parting ways shortly after. It was the first time that Ing, San Diann and Clara met.


The me in here looked much better than the me in the above picture. No idea why my camera will not focus on my face hence I ended up with blurred up face in the picture.

So, this summed up my weekend food hunting trip with San Diann and Clara last weekend. The gang is planning for a second one in October which I told them to put that on hold first as I do not want to stuff myself crazy with food shortly after coming back from my Shanghai and Tokyo holiday in September.

28082016 / Danes Cafe

Dinner yesterday was at Danes Cafe with Jennifer and Aunty (Jennifer’s Mom) after we came back from our Kuala Belait (KB) road trip. We left Supa Save Seria approximately 15 past 5PM and reached EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club before 6:30PM. Driving back to Bandar was not as quick as driving to KB as there were more cars on the road and I cannot speed much in case there are speed traps waiting ahead of me. LOL!

It was not a busy night at Danes Cafe yesterday evening so food were served very promptly. Took us a while to decide what to order as we were spoilt for choice. What’s special about Danes Cafe is that they serve non-Halal cafe styled food.


French Fries | B$5.00

Ordered this as Aunty was craving for French Fries. To be honest, I liked the fries from both Danes Cafe and Rack & Brew Boutique Cafe. They were crunchy on the outside but soft textured on the inside. When I sent the pictures of the food we had to my other Whatsapp gang, they all commented that I ordered too much for two. Well, the food we ordered were for three actually. LOL!


Spicy Taiwan Beef Noodles | B$9.50

Not sour enough, as per Aunty after she tried her Spicy Taiwan Beef Noodles. Authenticity wise, it was not good enough as they did not use the right type of noodle. They used Kolo Mee noodles and the beef was not properly marinated so the raw taste was pretty strong.


Pork Rye Goulash | B$12.00

with sauteed veggie and Pilaf rice

Jennifer ordered this and the pork was well marinated in my opinion. The pork was tender and juicy in texture. Good value for money, I would say as the portion could easily feed two instead of one. I had never tried any Rye Goulash before so I cannot say for sure if this was authentic enough but I did like the taste.


Pork Meatball Pasta | B$13.00

Penne pork meatballs with fresh tomato sauce and cheese

I ordered this and the portion was for big for me. So, the three of us shared this as well. The pork meatballs were too dry for my liking. However, the pasta was cooked just nice for me and the sauce was just as appetizing loaded with big onions and green capsicums. I requested for less cheese though.

Danes Cafe
Unit 102, Bangunan Bersurat,
Jalan Batu Bersurat, Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2428914

28082016 / Beanery & Co.

Brought Jennifer to try out Beanery & Co. on our day trip to Kuala Belait this afternoon. We had lunch at Procter, a Vietnamese restaurant in KB town. The Pho was not as nice as I anticipated it to be. I had heard good reviews so it sort of heightened up my expectation. Only managed to finish half the bowl and gave up on the rest. We went KB Sentral after lunch since Jennifer and I had never been there before. The mall was crowded as KB Sentral had a final lucky grand draw.

Sent King home after lunch and KB Sentral and we ventured KB on our own. We got lost in the process as I missed the right junction but we still managed to get into the town centre even without GPS. As usual, I am bad with directions. LOL!


We sat at the long table as the table by the window was taken. I liked the lighting at Beanery & Co. as it made my pictures looked all Instagram worthy.


Cafe Mocha | B$5.50

Had Cafe Mocha this time round as I was pretty disappointed with their Green Tea Latte on my first visit. Their Cafe Mocha was a lot better than their Green Tea Latte. It was a little bit sweet but at least I could taste the coffee in it.


Cafe Latte | B$4.80


Salmon Quiche | B$5.50

Savoury open-faced pastry filled with spinach, salmon and cheddar cheese

Ordered this Salmon Quiche again as the cakes did not entice us. And Jennifer agreed that this Salmon Quiche was good too. Loaded with generous portion of spinach and the salmon bits were visible this time round compared to the first time when I had it.

Beanery & Co.
No: 81 A/1, Ground Floor,
Jalan Bunga Rambai,
Kuala Belait,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-3347772

26082016 / Verve Caffe

Jia and I headed to Verve Caffe after our dinner at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront and grocery shopping at Hua Ho Yayasan. The cafe was surprisingly not crowded for a Friday evening. I think most of the youngsters headed to Miri for happy hours. Desserts choices were pretty limited yesterday evening as they only have Mango Cheesecake and Raspberry Chocolate for cakes.


Americano (10 oz) | B$4.00 

I had Americano with single shot instead of double. It was rather sour for my liking and I had to add in some brown sugar albeit I had been working on drinking sugar free coffees.


Vanilla Latte (Medium) | B$5.90

Jia ordered a Hazelnut Latte in the first place but they were out of hazelnut syrup or what not. So, she ordered Vanilla Latte instead. She mentioned that her Vanilla Latte was good for the first few sips but so so towards the end.


Mango Cheesecake | B$5.50

To be honest, I chose Verve Caffe for our coffee spot yesterday evening because I came across a video of them “creme brulee-ing” their Mango Cheesecake. It will be like eating Creme Brulee but Mango Cheesecake in real. Unfortunately, I was being told that it was a limited edition product and only available at the period of time when the video was shared on Instagram.

Verve Caffe
Unit 6A,
Ground, First & Second Floor,
Simpang: 68, Jalan Batu Bersurat,
Kampung Pengkalan Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-7274153

26082016 / Kaizen Sushi Waterfront

It was Jia‘s birthday last Friday but we celebrated in belated this evening. We made arrangement to celebrate together last Tuesday evening at Danes Cafe but it was cancelled on short notice as I had to attend an obligatory family dinner with a relative who visited our family while on business trip. Jia mentioned that there was no need to celebrate anymore since it was past the actual day.

I think it had been a year or two since we last celebrated together. I insisted that we celebrate together since I had nothing planned for this evening. It is once in a blue moon that Jia is staying in Bandar on weekends as she normally stay with the in-laws in Lumut. Jia brought Lucas along tonight. It had been quite some time since I had last seen Lucas after our brunch meeting at The Frenz Cafe months ago.


Happy Birthday, BFF!

Lighting at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront was way too bright that it makes you looking all brightened up in the picture. This was the best which I had got and it was probably the one which Jia did not like as compared to the second one I got. But in my defense, she looked nicer in this picture than the other one.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner tonight! We ordered in moderate since we agreed to go for coffee after dinner. Out of the six dishes that we ordered, two were for lil’ Lucas. When you are a mother, you order what your kid can eat rather than what you like to eat. And when you shop, you shop for diapers and milk powder. LOL!


Tamago Sushi | B$1.80 & Sake Cheese Sushi | B$3.60

Tamago Sushi for lil’ Lucas and Sake Cheese Sushi for Jia since I don’t think I could stand the taste of raw cream cheese nowadays. Tamago tasted too sweet for my liking, no wonder lil’ Lucas loves it.


Agedashi Tofu | B$4.50

Ordered this for lil’ Lucas and he loved it. Kept asking for more and I think it was the teriyaki sauce which he loves.


Spicy Maguro Temaki | B$3.60


Shitake Tempura | B$6.30


Sashimi (Sake) | B$12.80

Loved the thick and juicy slices of these sashimi. We being the heartless adults asked lil’ Lucas if he wanted the lemon slice and the toddler agreed. LOL!


The kind couple sitting across us gave lil’ Lucas one of their balloons. When the servers were serving us our food, Lucas kept on saying thank you to them which both Jia and I doubted if they understood what Lucas was saying in baby language.


Lil’ Lucas kept on pushing his luck with the sashimi on the table, we had to stop him from doing so by giving him cucumber slices to keep him occupied. LOL!

Kaizen Sushi Waterfront
Block G, First Floor,
Yayasan Complex,
Jalan McArthur,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2226336