Review: BREW Cafe & Bakery

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, today is an extremely packed day of food gathering with San Diann, Clara, Shew Hiang and Jennifer. I headed out from home 15 minutes to 8AM and only came home like half an hour before 6PM. Both Clara and I arrived at BREW Cafe & Bakery at the same time and San Diann was late by almost half an hour.

We both thought that he overslept and it turned out that he did not. Well, he thought we agreed to meet some time after 8AM. Both Clara and I waited until San Diann arrives before placing order for breakfast. Thank goodness that we were both not starving at the time. We even joked that San Diann will be paying for breakfast. LOL!



BREW Cafe & Bakery was previously known as Mr. Baker’s Cafeteria but the owner revamped the place and renamed it as BREW Cafe & Bakery. The place was completely empty at the time when both Clara and I arrived but the place was pretty packed when we were leaving around 10AM.

They had a bit of minor revamping with the furniture as the placements were different compared to the first time I was there with Sister and friends. The sofas were cozy and comfortable and they even have plush sofa pillows.


Orange w/ Carrot Juice | B$4.80

As I had made plan to meet up with Jennifer coffee in the afternoon, I had fresh juice for breakfast instead. The juice tasted pretty raw of carrot at first but it got a lot nicer along the way. Once you got used to the taste of carrot, you can taste the orange in it. You can request no ice for your juice but at an extra cost of B$0.50.


Both Clara and San Diann ordered breakfast sets. Complimentary hot coffee or tea comes inclusive with the breakfast set. Both had coffees complimentary biscotti.


Grilled Chicken Bagel | B$5.90

Breakfast sets did not entice me so I had Grilled Chicken Bagel instead. You could choose between Classic, Plain or Herbs bagel. I had mine Herbs. The bagel was toasted with a panini presses. I liked the grilled chicken and it tasted like our Chinese version of braised Lor Bak. I requested for no cheese and it still tasted great.


Breakfast Set B | B$6.50

Toast, scramble eggs, sausages, grilled tomatoes, coffee or tea

Clara’s choice of breakfast. It looked good, right? The toast were a bit dry though so she requested for butter to spread on them.


Breakfast Set A | B$6.50

Croissants or choice of bread, chicken ham, sliced cheese, sunny side up, coffee or tea

San Diann’s choice of breakfast. According to him, the croissant was good but buttery. Portion was a bit too much but all were good.


You can make also make your own sandwich with simple steps, customized to your own preference.


I saw one of the patrons having this Sunny Side Up, Chicken Ham & Cheese on Brioche Bread and it looked really good! I think I am going to try that next time. I highly recommend the breakfast choices at BREW Cafe & Bakery. I love their bread especially their Wholemeal. Not the cheapest in town but good.

BREW Cafe & Bakery
Unit 7, Block C,
Gadong Central,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2427554

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