31072016 / Authentic Thai Restaurant

I found out about this restaurant serving authentic Thai cuisine from Thanis Lim‘s blog. Both Jennifer and I intended to try out the restaurant two months ago but the place was closed due to Consumer Fair at ICC. When the gang and I were discussing where to meet for our next lunch gathering, Shew Hiang suggested this Thai restaurant located in Wisma Jaya.

She had been to this restaurant multiple times and it was highly recommended by her Thai colleagues. So, off we went to try out the place. The place is well known by the Thai community in Brunei as most of the patrons are Thai. And we were the only non-Thai during lunch today. All staffs are Thai but they can speak basic English. So, you will not have any problem with food ordering.


Thai Milk Tea

All four of us had the same thing – Thai Milk Tea. I had mine hot whereas the rest had theirs iced. If you had been to Thailand, this Thai Milk Tea was nowhere near. I had never been to Thailand myself but Clara who had been to Thailand said it was not authentic enough. Not sweet but tasted like grass jelly or wheatgrass though.


Papaya Salad | B$4.00

We ordered two portions of their Papaya Salad. One for the four of us to share and another one for Shew Hiang alone. She can cleans off the entire plate herself. This was good but I would like it better if it was a lot more sour and spicy.


Pad Thai | B$4.00

One of the best Pad Thai that I had by far and it was cheap given the portion. You can choose between chicken and seafood. We had chicken. I am never a beansprout person with noodles. But thankfully, the beansprouts were fresh.


Seafood Tom Yam | B$5.00

Portion given was just nice for the four of us. I like the sour and midly spicy taste. Very appetizing and goes extremely well with the rice. We ordered three plates of rice. San Diann and I shared one while the girls had one each.


Thai Green Curry | B$5.00

Good but I would prefer lesser coconut milk. The broth tasted sweet for me but goes well with the rice too. The curry came with generous portion of Thai eggplants. Tried a few and decided that I did not like the taste of them.

Verdict: If you are a big fan of Thai cuisine, I highly recommend this place. Their Basil Chicken looked good and I am going to try that the next time I visit the place again.

I do not have the exact address of the restaurant but it is located on the second floor of Wisma Jaya. Take the escalator up to the second floor and the restaurant is located on the left once you reached the top of the escalator. You will find an Indian barber shop to your right.

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