Review: Bung’eo, Brunei

Bung’eo is now open after the temporary closure weeks ago due to technical circumstances. According to San Diann, it has only reopened yesterday as he tried out the place yesterday afternoon. I got to try out Bung’eo this afternoon as I was running some errands at Citis Square.


Bung’eo is located in the same shop unit as Chatime at Citis Square. If you have no idea where Chatime is located, it is located in between Bilster Technologies and Burger King.


Bung’eo is currently on soft opening stage so their menu is yet complete. They will only be serving toast and soft serve ice-cream in fish waffle at the moment. To be honest, I wondered if the original Bung’eo franchise serves toast. Hmm …


I see that overseas franchise nowadays has this kind of information poster so that it is easier for patrons to understand how the ordering system works to minimize queue time. So, how do you order a Bung’eo? Select the size of fish bun (small/big), filling (red bean/custard/nutella), ice-cream flavor (premium flavor/special flavor).

Bung’eo will only be serving big size fish bun for the time being. So, I recommend sharing if you are not a big eater as the portion might be big for some. There are only two fillings available at the moment – red bean and custard. As for ice-cream, they have vanilla and matcha flavor. Matcha flavor will only be available for a limited period of time. So, do hurry if you are a matcha lover.


Matcha Soft-Serve with Red Bean Filling | B$3.80

This is what I had today. Soft-serve matcha ice-cream with red bean filling. It was indeed a filling dessert. The portion of their ice-cream had improved drastically compared to the one which San Diann had yesterday. He showed us his Bung’eo in our group chat and his portion of ice-cream was a lot lesser than what I had today.


A closer look at my Bung’eo! It looked very tempting and nice, right? I should have taken a picture of how the fish bun looked like. Perhaps next time when I have a companion with me to try out the place again? The matcha soft-serve ice-cream is creamy but not as creamy as the one from Milk Cow.

It has a mild (for me) taste of matcha. For those who doesn’t like strong matcha taste, this one is good enough. It was a little bit sweet for me though. The ice-cream was sprinkled with crushed chocolate cookies and nuts. And I got Kit Kat whereas San Diann got Pepero yesterday. The texture of Bung’eo was crispy on the top but thick and dense towards the bottom.

As I was finishing up my ice-cream, I was wondering where was the red bean filling as per requested. I thought their version of red bean filling comes in wet and creamy type like what we usually get in Patbingsu. It turned out that the red bean filling was store bought ready made red bean paste stuffed around the fish tail.

Verdict: Bung’eo is worth a try if you wanted to try something new. I quite like their ice-cream so I am hoping that they will be bringing in more flavors soon. According to San Diann, the lady boss mentioned to him that they will be serving small size fish bun soon as big size may be too big for some.

Unit 28, Ground Floor,
Citis Square,
Simpang: 13-41,
Kampung Jaya Setia,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-7183883


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