08082016 / Piccolo Cafe

Pokemon hype is pretty strong here in Brunei as I had a couple of friends who had been playing it recently. Mom and I talked about it yesterday and she had warned me not to as she had seen on TV how these players get obsessed and playing with it while on the road. And one funny thing which I found out was that my cousin toilet happened to be one of the Pokestops. How convenient, right?

Anyways, both Jennifer and I arranged to meet up for lunch at the Thai restaurant located on the second floor of Wisma Jaya in Bandar after we were done with our TAP payments. And only to find out that the said restaurant was closed for the day. Jennifer and I seem to have bad lucks trying out restaurants recently. We had been to Flour & Butter Cafe twice and it was not open on both times. And then there is this Thai restaurant “incident” as well.


So, we headed to Piccolo Cafe for lunch since there are not much choices for lunch around Bandar which we have yet tried. The cafe was not crowded yet at the time we arrived but slowly flooding up with OL during lunch hour. Thank goodness we were early or else we might have to wait for our food. I did not have any breakfast prior to leaving home.


Iced Latte | B$5.30

For Jennifer. I see that most cafes nowadays like to use mason jars for their cold beverages. They looked nice, hence making them Instagram worthy.


Green Tea Latte | B$5.30

The original price for Green Tea Latte is B$4.80. Soy milk can be requested but with an additional charge of B$0.50. The taste of green tea was distinctive at first but I did not like that the coffee tasted powdery at the same time. However, the taste of soy milk overpowered the coffee when it cooled down.


Soup of the Day | B$6.00

It was Pumpkin Soup yesterday with some toasted Garlic Bread. As Jennifer had late breakfast earlier on, she decided to eat light and ordered Soup of the Day. The soup had a smooth texture and it was really sweet.



Basil Pesto | B$8.90

While she had Soup of the Day, I ordered myself Basil Pesto and it came with a complimentary Soup of the Day. The pumpkin soup was good but it would be nicer if they served with croutons instead of usual bread. The bread turned soft and soggy a short while after serving.

The portion of my Basil Pesto was pretty generous for one. So, Jennifer and I shared. The pasta was overcooked for my liking. The pesto sauce has a strong basil taste but lack of flavors in my opinion.


Piccolo Cafe
No: 11, Jalan McArthur,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2241558


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