Review: Artistry Essentials Gentle Action Makeup Remover

I am finally doing a review on this makeup remover and I am almost finishing it up by now. I got this makeup remover some time at the end of 2015 when I was in Miri for an overnight trip. Ing brought me to Amway Distributor Centre to look for items which I wanted in exchange for the CC Cream which I had returned.


Artistry Essentials Gentle Action Makeup Remover

I was first introduced to this product many years ago but I was more into cleansing oil more than cleansing milk/cream type of makeup remover at the time. Now that I am more open to options, I decided to give this a try and I liked it as much as my other favorite makeup removers.

The product came stored in a tube with an airtight cap. To be honest, I would prefer makeup remover that comes in the the form of bottle with dispenser rather than in a tube. The texture is smooth and creamy. The product is pretty much fragrance free as you could not detect the slightest hint of perfumed scent.

The product is relatively easy to use. You use it like your ordinary cleansing oil. Apply product onto dry face and gently massage your face in circular motion. Take a small amount of lukewarm water to dissolve the makeup remover. Rinse off the makeup remover with lukewarm water and followed by your usual facial cleanser.

This makeup remover worked extremely well on my skin. It was able to remove the sunscreen or BB Cream and the dirt which my skin picked up during the day. I like that it leaves my skin feeling soft and clean after cleansing. Best of all, it did not cause any skin breakout. Honestly speaking, none of Artistry products which I have used had caused my skin any problem.

So, this is what I think of Artistry Essentials Gentle Action Makeup Remover in a nutshell:

1. Fragrance free, suitable for sensitive skin.
2. Removes sunscreen, BB Cream and dirt well enough.
3. Leave skin feeling soft and clean after cleansing.
4. Doesn’t cause any breakout.

None that I could think of.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: RM103.40 (125ml)

Repurchase? Definitely!

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