08082016 / Bung’eo

Tried Bung’eo for the second time last Monday afternoon when I was around the area to buy some salted eggs from Sim Kim Huat, Airport Mall. As I had previously tried their Matcha Soft-Serve with Red Bean Filling, I decided to go for Vanilla with Custard Cream Filling this time round.


Vanilla Soft-Serve with Custard Cream Filling | B$3.80

As promised, here comes a picture of how the fish bun looked like. Managed to take a full length shot of the fish bun without any assistance but it was a little bit hard as the chocolate sauce was trickling down my fingers from behind.

I preferred their matcha soft-serve more than their vanilla’s. The texture of the ice-cream was a little bit icy for my liking compared to matcha’s. According to Jennifer, it was probably due to storage condition instead of quality. The custard cream was the curdled type instead of smooth and creamy. And I was being given marshmallow stick dipped with chocolate sauce this time round.

All in all, I preferred matcha with red bean filling more than this. And they are only serving big size fish bun at the moment. And as expected, the texture of the fish bun was still thick and dense at the bottom.

Unit 28, Ground Floor,
Citis Square,
Simpang: 13-41,
Kampung Jaya Setia,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-7183883


8 thoughts on “08082016 / Bung’eo

  1. Whooa taiyaki! We have a store that makes these fresh for us, but sometimes it’s a hit and miss. I like how they open it up and put ice cream on yours. I should try that the next time I visit. Then again that means I have to go out and find ice cream to place on the taiyaki and buy the taiyaki.

    You live in a pretty interesting place to get all these awesome food places.

    • Do you have something similar to what we have here in Brunei? Taiyaki with ice cream is not Brunei’s creation. The entrepreneur franchised the Bung’eo into Brunei.

      This Bung’eo is from Seoul, Korea but it is pretty hit around Malaysia. The portion given in Brunei paled in comparison to the ones served in Malaysia. Our ice-cream flavors are limited at the moment but I love their Matcha flavor the most.

      Well, Brunei is actually pretty boring compared to where you live. You live in Canada, right? The local entrepreneurs here are trying to bring in as much foreign franchises into Brunei but not all franchises can make ends meet.

      They are selling like hotcakes in the first few months but you can see the crowds dying down by the third month. Population here in Brunei is not big as demand is not that high. The latest franchise business we have here in Brunei are Wayback Burgers and Pelicana Chicken. Think you would have heard of Wayback Burgers as the franchise is from the US.

      • Yup. I live in Canada.

        Yeah We do have something similar to the Taiyaki. I actually went out for some Japanese BBQ at Gyu Kaku today and found out they offer taiyaki with ice cream. Unfortunately, I was too full to order it. :C next time!

        Oh definitely, taiyaki is a seasonal type of item. Not everyone will be a fan of it and want to eat it everyday. It’s basically a small treat.

        Hmm never heard of Wayback burgers before, or the Pelicana Chicken. Is that chicken mixed with Pelicans?

    • The best Taiyaki is probably the ones in Japan? I am going to Tokyo next month so hopefully I will get to try some authentic ones. The one with freshly made red bean fillings.

      Albeit we have this Bung’eo in Brunei, I do not see myself returning very often as I did not like the batter. Some of the parts were too dense with heavy batter, resulting in thick skin if not properly cooked. And their choices of ice-cream flavors are limited at the moment. I only liked their Matcha flavor.

      I thought Wayback Burgers is from the US? At least that’s what the franchise said so in the restaurant. Pelicana Chicken is not chicken mixed with pelicans, or so I thought. Pelicana is just a brand from Korea. It was famous because it was advertised in one of the highest viewing Korean drama series from few years ago.

      Pelicana Chicken is fried chicken with Korean sauce. You can have it original, which is plain deep fried chicken or which varieties of sauces to choose from. Sweet or sweet and spicy sauce.

      • OMG. Please try some dango for me as well.

        I’m going to Japan next year after I graduate. I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Tokyo.

        Oh yeah. I dislike it when Taiyaki has too thick of a skin.

        OOOHHH that’s cool. I wouldn’t have guessed that. Over here we have Olive Chicken and Wow Chicken for our korean chicken restaurants. They’re pretty good. 😀

      • Dango seems to be very common in animes. LOL! I think I will try at least once if I come across.

        This Tokyo trip sort of came impromptu as it was only planned like 2 months ago. Planned to go Seoul actually but decided to go Tokyo first as I wanted to visit Disneyland. Doing two cities at once this time – Shanghai and Tokyo.

      • Whooa that sounds very packed. And impromptu trips are one of my favourites. It’s nice being able to have the freedom to pack up and explore. Enjoy your trip!

        I heard Shanghai was a beautiful city, but there’s an obvious contrast between the rich and the poor. I had a friend stay at a very nice 5 star hotel. The street the hotel was on was very nice, but across the street it wasn’t so well off and you can see shacks and tattered houses. It was very interesting to see.

      • To be honest, it is not exactly a packed trip as I had been to Shanghai a couple of times. In fact, this was my fifth time since my sister moved over there. I usually stay at her place surfing the Internet when she goes to work. And when I feel like going out, I would go shopping.

        Shanghai is indeed a beautiful city. Like you said, there is a stark contrast in between the rich and the poor. What I like about China is that their 5 stars hotels are very affordable as compared to some other countries. You can get affordable 5 stars hotel in Asian countries like China, Malaysia and Thailand.

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