Review: GK Restaurant, Jalan Muara

GK Restaurant had recently opened up a new branch after their main branch in Kampung Jerudong. The family and I intended to have dinner with my cousin and his fellow colleagues but they were unable to make it as they were invited to another dinner gathering by some other fellow colleagues. So, parents and I headed out for dinner as Mom did not cook for dinner.

Chose GK Restaurant along Jalan Muara as it is located near to where we live and convenient for parents to do grocery shopping after dinner while I headed to Flour & Butter Cafe for coffee with Kaylie and Baby Keona.

The place was pretty much packed with diners at the time we arrived. The restaurant is big in size hence able to cater a large group of diners at a time. As GK Restaurant is a Halal certified restaurant, you will find quite a number of Muslim diners as well. When seated, you will be given an iPad and menu in a piece of laminated A3 size paper.


What’s the purpose of the iPad? Not for you to catch Pokemon with, of course. LOL! They provide food photography of what their menus are offering so that you will get a rough idea of what to anticipate out of the food you ordered.


Claypot Japanese Beancurd with Seafood | B$12

GK Restaurant is only serving Japanese beancurd for their tofu dishes. If you are anticipating a sizzling tofu dish in a claypot, don’t be. This dish was pre-cooked in another wok and then transferred to a claypot lookalike bowl for serving. Loaded with assorted mushrooms, vegetables and seafood. The prawns were those man made bred kind which according to Mom was tough when chewed.


Claypot Eggplant with Salted Fish | B$8

This was pretty good in my opinion. However, their definition of salted fish is probably the deep fried mini anchovies sprinkled on top of the eggplants. Eggplants were fried beforehand before stir frying them in sauce.


Thai Style Mango Chicken | B$8

Fried chicken cooked with Thai sweet chili sauce and topped with julienne mangoes. Much to our surprise, the julienne mangoes were sweet. We anticipated the sour ones as that was what we usually get. Nothing much special about this chicken dish as I find the sauce too sweet for my liking.

Verdict: Food were okay and pretty standard in my opinion and nothing much to shout about. Customer service was pretty good for me. However, food waiting time was longer than expected. We waited for approximately 30 minutes before our food were served. The food were not steaming hot but warm when served. Restaurant is spacious but I did not really like the lighting. It has the kind of ambiance for western cuisine and there was classical jazz playing in the background.

GK Restaurant
Simpang: 490,
Kampung Sungai Hanching,
Jalan Muara,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8221889

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