Miri Food Hunts / Ming Garden Restaurant

Arrived Miri early this morning at around 7AM while San Diann and Clara had only arrived some time past 2PM. We are now resting in our respective rooms before heading for some tea snack some time around 5PM later. We will be heading to Cake Rush later for coffees and cakes before dinner.

Ing picked me up from Kingwood Boutique Hotel this morning after I had left my luggage at the concierge service counter. Check-in is available some time around noon, which is good as some of the hotels in Miri only allow check-in after 2PM or even later if room occupancy was full the night before.

Without further ado, let me show you what both Ing and I had for breakfast at Ming Garden Restaurant this morning. The amount of food that we ordered can probably feed three instead of two only.


If you are wondering where this Ming Garden Restaurant is, it is located beside Hopoh around Krokop area. I chose dim sum for breakfast this morning as I do not feel like having English breakfast. Ing is a dim sum person, so why not?


泰式虾角 | RM4.80


香叶鸡 | RM4.80


腐皮鱼肉肠 | RM4.80


We both enjoyed this the most. It was unique compared to the usual rice rolls. It was deep fried minced meat wrapped with beancurd skin and then wrapped in another layer of rice roll. Do try this if you are trying out Ming Garden Restaurant. It was good.


上海煎锅贴 | RM4.80


沙拉腐皮卷 | RM4.80


上海小笼包 | RM4.80

Complete disappointment as the top pleated parts were too thick with batter. The soup broth inside was not bad though. I only had one while Ing finished them all.


金瓜流沙包 | RM4.80

The buns were soft albeit it was no longer piping hot when we started eating this. The buns were oozing with runny salted egg yolks when you tore the buns into apart. Not bad for me but Ing did not like it as much as I did. She mentioned that the egg yolk liquid was lacking in flavor.


鲜虾腐皮卷 | RM4.80

An okay-ish dish for me but I find the sauce tad bit salty for me.

Verdict: Food were okay in my opinion but definitely not the best. However, I do have to admit that their dim sum dishes with beancurd skin were pretty good. All prices were inclusive of GST charges.

Ming Garden Restaurant
Kok Garden,
Lot 1088-G, Jalan Jee Foh Utama,
98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-085415252

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