Miri Food Hunts / Korea Heritage Restaurant

After our clothes shopping at Imperial Permaisuri City Mall, Ing and I headed out for lunch. We intended to try out Nara Korean BBQ in Pujut area but we were not too keen of having our hair stained with BBQ smell as we had just been to the salon this morning.

Ing suggested that we drive to Marina Square to check out if any cafe or restaurant caught our fancies? And we ended up at Korea Heritage Restaurant since our first intention was Korean cuisine anyways. There were only two tables occupied when we arrived. I kind of went slightly overboard with the ordering and we ended up with a large portion of Kimchi Jon left.



Complimentary condiments to go with our orders. I tried their preserved kimchi and cucumbers. The preserved kimchi was good and the preserved cucumbers were tad bit sweet than sour. The condiment in the centre was coleslaw if I am not mistaken.


Kimchi Jon | RM22

I only had a slice of this Kimchi Jon while Ing had like two slices. She liked this Kimchi Jon more than I did. I personally find it too flour-y for my liking. I preferred a more ingredients compact Kimchi Jon like the one served at Koryo Restaurant in Brunei. We could not finish the remaining slices and requested takeaway for San Diann and Clara who had yet eaten lunch. Both mentioned the Kimchi Jon was nice when dipped with the dipping sauce.


Bibimbap | RM25

Loved this Bibimbap as it came with generous portion of vegetables – beansprouts, seaweed, spinach, shiitake mushroom, shredded cabbage and minced pork. There was an egg yolk on top of the spicy paste. Managed to finish this with Ing but I think I had more of this than her. The Bibimbap was even nicer when paired with preserved kimchi.

Korea Heritage
Lot 2064, Ground Floor,
Marina Square,
98000, Miri,


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