Miri Food Hunts / ALiPAPA Cafe & N2 The Lab

My second last installment of our food hunting trip to Miri last weekend. Ing joined us on Sunday morning too as she did not have anything planned for the day. So, she brought us to try out some famous local eateries. We had intended to try out another cafe for some pork noodles but Ing was unable to make it earlier than 10AM. So, we found ourselves another breakfast place and waited for her to join us.

Our first stop was ALiPAPA Cafe which Clara was very familiar with as she and her family always go there for Laksa and porridge. There are quite a varieties of stalls at ALiPAPA Cafe which you could order from. However, it was pretty hard to secure a seat during weekend as the place is extremely packed with patrons.

Thankfully, we managed to secure a table for four not long after and instantly surrounded by stall owners placing their menus in front of us. LOL! Without further ado, let me show you what we had for breakfast at ALiPAPA Cafe.

2290, Jalan Bulatan Park & Jalan Datuk Muip, Pelita Commercial Centre, 98000, Miri, Sarawak


Kompia | RM3

This is the Asian version of bagels and they are smaller in size than the American bagels. Kompia originated from Fuzhou in China and it is like a bread. You can either eat it plain or stuffed with pork filling. These were pretty good. The bagels had a crunchy texture on the outside and the pork filling was well marinated.


腐皮虾 | RM4

I ordered this 腐皮虾 to share as I know that Ing would definitely love the beancurd rolls on the inside. I loved the texture of the rice rolls. It was smooth and yet a springy texture which I liked. The sambal was spot on with the right kick of spiciness.



San Diann had this for breakfast while Clara and I had Kolo Mee. Can’t remember how much is this Laksa but I think it was not more than RM5. It was probably RM3 or RM4 only. According to Clara, the Laksa was highly recommended.

Third Floor, Bintang Megamall, 98000, Miri, Sarawak (located across Daiso)

After breakfast at ALiPAPA Cafe, the gang and I headed to Bintang Megamall as I needed to shop at The Body Shop for Organic Cotton Pads while San Diann wanted to get a haircut. On our way up to the floor where most gadget’s shops are located, we came across N2 The Lab.

N2 The Lab originated from Seoul, Korea. What’s special about it is that they sell nitrogen ice-cream which gives you dragon breath when you exhale. According to their Facebook’s feeds, they had only been opened not long ago.



When ice-cream is in the making, the staff will pour in some nitrogen gas into the mixing bowl. That is when you will see nitrogen gas surrounding the mixer. I am not that knowledgeable about chemical compounds as chemistry had never been my forte back in high school.


Oreo Gelato | RM12.90

Oreo cookie crush, Oreo stick, Oreo cookie

This was what Ing had the other day. I had a bit for taste test. To be honest, I preferred creamy type of ice-cream. All I can say is that this nitrogen ice-cream is not my cup of tea. I think that was not Oreo cookie which they used, probably something similar but of another brand.


Nutty Professor | RM12.90

Mango sauce, peanut & pistachio crush, chocolate rice

San Diann’s choice of gelato flavor. Ing was rather disappointed that he threw away the syringe after he was done with dispensing the mango sauce onto his gelato. She wanted the syringe as she could have used it for product demonstration.


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