Miri Food Hunts / Kwang Tung Cafe & 72变 Cafe

This is my last installment of our Miri food hunting trip which took place last weekend. Ing brought us to Kwang Tung Cafe to try out Choo Hoon Mee Stall. According to her, this stall serves one of the most authentic Fuzhou cuisines. To be honest, I am not sure how authentic they were as I am no Fuzhou-an and neither is Ing. But I guess she must have tried a lot to know what is and what not.

Located nearby UTC and Somerset Hotel


The owner of the stall is a friend of hers. Ing highly recommended us her 鼎邊糊 (Ding Bian Hu) and 乾炒糟菜米粉. So, let me show you what we had at Chuo Hoon Mee Stall the other day. 


鼎邊糊 | RM5

A bowl of this was RM5 and it came with generous portion of meat, noodles and black fungus. The noodles are made with rice flour batter and the soup broth will turn slightly thicker than the usual clear soup broth. One way to indulge this bowl of 鼎邊糊 is to add in more white pepper powder for a stronger taste.


乾炒糟菜米粉 | RM5.50 – RM6.50

Not entirely sure if this was RM5.50 but it should be between RM5.50 to RM6.50. A plate of this came with generous portion of cubed Char Siu and bean sprouts. It was cooked like the usual stir fry rice vermicelli noodles but with white vinegar! It was extremely appetizing but I liked it even better with more vinegar for an appetizing kick. LOL!

72变 CAFE
Lot 894, Ground Floor, Jalan Pala, MCLD Waterfront Commercial Centre, Miri


Mango Longan + Nata | RM7


Ice Mixed Fruits | RM5

This was shaved ice topped with generous portion of cubed fresh fruits like watermelon, dragon fruits, honeydew and so on. The shaved ice was drizzled with evaporated milk for a creamy and milky taste. It is something similar to our local ABC but a healthier option as it was loaded with fruit goodness.


We all took group selfie together by the end of the meal as we will be parting ways shortly after. It was the first time that Ing, San Diann and Clara met.


The me in here looked much better than the me in the above picture. No idea why my camera will not focus on my face hence I ended up with blurred up face in the picture.

So, this summed up my weekend food hunting trip with San Diann and Clara last weekend. The gang is planning for a second one in October which I told them to put that on hold first as I do not want to stuff myself crazy with food shortly after coming back from my Shanghai and Tokyo holiday in September.


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