25092016 / Paradise Dynasty, Shanghai

I wanted to continue drafting my blog entry for Tokyo Day 1 but the entry was too long that I do not feel like doing it today. So, I will be blogging about Paradise Dynasty which Sister and I visited on my second last day in Shanghai. We headed to iAPM after our massage session at Green Massage.

The common and popular place for soup dumplings in Shanghai is 佳家汤包 but reviews mentioned that queues were horrendous during peak hours. You might be able to get a table straightaway during off peak hours but some of the food might have sold out by then. Sister and I ended up at Paradise Dynasty in the end as we do not feel like queuing for a long period as we were starving at the time. Paradise Dynasty was highly recommended by one of Sister’s colleagues.

Paradise Dynasty is famous for their rainbow coloured soup dumplings. However, we did not try them but the original ones. I preferred original ones albeit I had never tried the coloured ones for comparison.


小馒头 炸 | ¥22

Nothing special about this but the texture of the bun was indeed soft but slightly sweet for my liking. The buns were served with sweet condensed milk though. I think I might prefer this if the buns were steamed instead of deep fried. They do have the steamed version but Sister opted for deep fried version instead.


原味小笼包 | ¥28

As mentioned above, Paradise Dynasty is well known for their rainbow coloured soup dumplings. Sister thought that I might want to try one of those but I declined. I preferred original version of these soup dumplings. The filings and soup broth were not as sweet as the ones from 泰康汤包.


三鲜鲜肉饺 | ¥25

These were surprisingly very nice. Sister who rarely eats such dumplings complimented that the skin was not thick as compared to some others which she had tried previously.


生煎包 | ¥22

These were good but not as good as the ones which I had from 小杨生煎. To be honest, I find their skin rather too thick for my liking. The texture was more like a thin bun. The fillings came with soup broth too.


榴莲小笼包 | ¥32


This was something new for us and definitely not for those who doesn’t eat durian. We thought that there were pork fillings with some durian paste but it turned out that the entire dumpling was filled with pureed durian flesh. And they were not cheapskate with the fillings too!

Paradise Dynasty
6th Floor, iAPM Mall,
999 Huaihai Middle Road near Xiangyang South Road,
Tel: 021-53833270

27092016 / Flour & Butter Café

Supposedly be doing a blog entry covering the first day of our Tokyo trip but the blog entry was a bit too long for me to finish in one go albeit I had drafted half of it while on board flying back to Brunei yesterday evening. I think I will have it posted by the day after tomorrow and that’s if I am not tired after coming home from work.

Jennifer and I met for coffee at Flour & Butter Café this evening so that I could pass her the souvenirs which I got her from Shanghai and Tokyo and she got me an advanced birthday present and souvenirs from Bath & Body Works on her weekend trip to KL. She got me toiletries while I got her food. LOL!

Without further ado, let’s get started with today’s blog entry so that I could get moving with my drama series marathon. I had been trying to catch up with all the downloading as the websites which I had been using were banned in China. It took me a while to figure out why Chinese websites were banned in China.


Latte | B$5.00


Chai Latte | B$5.50

I had my usual Chai Latte as I do not feel like having anything else today. Caffeine didn’t work on me today as I am feeling even more tired after having coffee. Perhaps my body have yet recovered from the holiday? I should have taken an extra day off tomorrow.


Carrot Cake | B$4.50

Jennifer ordered this as she felt like having Carrot Cake today. Level of sweetness was just right for me but it did not have cinnamon taste. Or it was too subtle to detect? I personally prefer Carrot Cake with cinnamon taste but subjective to personal preference. Cinnamon taste is not something which everyone are fond of unless you love spices.


Durian Crepe | B$3.60

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the Durian Crepe. The crepe skin was too thick for my liking. Crepe skin was Pandan coconut flavoured if I am not wrong. Filling wise, they were generous with the durian flesh but I think I will like it better with less whipped cream.

Flour & Butter Cafe
No: 29, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Hassan Abdullah,
Menglait, Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2422323

Review: Professor Lee, Shanghai

On board now flying back to Brunei. Flight was delayed by an hour and a half and I decided to make use of the time on board to draft up my blog entry and have them posted when I am back to Brunei.

As mentioned in my previous blog entries, Sister and I headed to Tokyo for a short holiday trip. One of the main highlights of our Tokyo trip was Tokyo Disneyland. We intended to go Tokyo Disneyland on the second day in Tokyo but weather was not promising enough so we went on the third day instead.

Weather was nowhere better on the third day but we were left with no choice as we will be leaving the next day for Shanghai. Tokyo has the best weather on the day when we arrived. The weather was neither rainy nor sunny but good enough for a Disneyland tour.

Anyways, I will blog about my Tokyo trip shortly after I am done with my Shanghai travelogue. I will have them posted in time sequence so that there will not be any missing gap. And I will also be posting of my skincare hauls! I did not buy much skincare from Tokyo albeit they are famous for cheap Japanese skincare products. Can’t understand the packaging so ended up only buying what I am familiar with. Shiseido was however more expensive in Tokyo than in Shanghai.


On the night before our flight to Tokyo, Sister and I met at K11 Art Mall for dinner at Professor Lee. Professor Lee is a newly established Korean restaurant which serves modern Korean cuisine.


Complimentary Lemon Vinegar drinks were served after placing our orders. This complimentary drink was homemade by the restaurant. It was an appetizing beverage to kick start the meal but too sourish for my liking and I ended up giving the rest to Sister after taking the first sip. She loves it though and that was one of the reasons why she returned to Professor Lee.


Everything in the restaurant were given extra thoughts in designing that they looked unique in comparison to the other Korean restuarants which I had been to. Look at how special the menu was designed! Menu leaflet was placed inside the envelope which you have to remove the strings to retrieve it.


They even have the name of the restaurant carved onto the cutlery holder. Both Sister and I wondered if the owner of the restaurant is known as Professor Lee. LOL!


Kimchi Tomato Risotto with Pork Belly | ¥88

This was something new to me. I did not expect it to be cheesy. Nonetheless, it was heavenly good but sinful. I loved the grilled pork belly the most. It was juicy and yet tender at the same time.


Slow-cooked Pork Belly with White Kimchi | ¥128

Sister ordered this as she did not want anything spicy. Instead of the usual red spicy Kimchi, this one was plain white Kimchi but to taste sour like the usual red Kimchi but without the spicy and garlic taste. The big onion was marinated as well. The usual taste of big onion was overpowered by the marinade.

The pork belly came with various sauce pastes. The top one was garlic, followed by pesto and soybean paste. The pork belly was even softer than the grilled pork belly we had from the risotto. It was even better if you wrap them inside the white Kimchi.


After we were done with dinner, we were being served complimentary iced coffee cubes with milk. It was good! I liked it better than the Lemon Vinegar drink though. LOL!

Verdict: Customer service was top notch in my opinion. It was the customer service which Sister liked the most and the fusion of Western and Korean cuisine together. Pricing was considerably acceptable given the location and Shanghai’s standard of living.

Professor Lee
K11 Art Mall,
Unit 406, 4th Floor,
300 Huaihai Middle Road near Huangpi South Road,
Tel: 021-53833270

18092016 / Shanghai 2016 – Tianzifang

Sister and I headed to Tianzifang again last Sunday afternoon after our brunch session at Table No-1 by Jason Atherton nearby The Bund. We took the Metro to Dapuqiao Station. Tianzifang was surprisingly not as crowded as we thought it would be. Probably because the locals started working on Sunday instead of Monday due to the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Finally got myself a nice display picture for my social media platforms. Most of the alleys were crowded with tourists but this one was surprisingly quiet. However, our happiness were short lived when two local Chinese middle aged women saw us taking pictures there and replicated Sister’s style. LOL!



Selfie with Sister …


This pretty much summed up my second visit to Tianzifang. It was a productive trip compared to my first visit to Tianzifang. I bought souvenirs for friends and two cute Chinese costumes for Lucas and Keona.

Review: The Grumpy Pig, Shanghai

Almost done packing for my Tokyo trip tonight’s midnight. By the time you are reading this, I am coming back to Shanghai soon. I will be drafting my blog entries beforehand so that this blog will have updates on everyday basis even while I am away. Anyways, today’s entry will be a review on The Grumpy Pig nearby West Nanjing Road Station.



The three of us – Sister, Sussie and I tried out the place last Sunday evening. For your information, The Grumpy Pig is listed on Tripadvisor. The place must be good to be listed on Tripadvisor. Majority of the nice restaurants and cafes in Shanghai needed reservation beforehand but we did not make one for this prior to our arrival. However, the restaurant was pretty quiet for a Sunday evening though.




Without further ado, let’s get going with the food which we ordered the other night. We did not order any beverage as free flow of plain water was provided throughout the dinner. To be honest, I think we went overboard with ordering when there were only the three of us eating.


Roasted Mushrooms Medley | ¥40

chicken leg (mushroom!), white & brown honshimeji, shiitake, ginger, scallion sauce

This was one of the appetizers which Sister ordered as she said she needed her veggies. Mushrooms are not exactly what I would call vegetables though. Nothing much to rave about this Roasted Mushrooms Medley apart from being too “black-peppered”.


Steamed Buns | ¥25

fluffy buns with Tare braised pork belly with cucumber and Kewpie


Grumpy Fries | ¥48

skinny fries, topped with shredded pork and onions, cheddar cheese, parsley aioli, “Grumpy” gravy, scallions and seaweed 

The fries did not have the kind of texture which I like, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. To be honest, I did not really like this towards the end when the fries were getting soggy from the “Grumpy” gravy. But the “Grumpy” gravy was the highlight of this dish. The pairing of seaweed with the gravy was good though.


Cumin Cobb Salad | ¥55

cobb salad: mixed greens in a creamy cumin citronette with fresh pear, roasted beets, hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, avocados and bacon

The three of us were surprised with the portion when this was being served to us. We can’t finish this albeit there were three of us. Sussie finished all the avocados as both Sister and I do not eat avocado. I did not eat much of this as I did not like the cumin taste in the salad.


Pork Rice Bowl | ¥58

poached Yodo egg, braised pork belly, bak choy, roasted onion

Sussie ordered this for herself and it looked something similar to the braised pork belly rice that we usually have at home.


Teriyaki Pork Neck Rice Bowl | ¥58

pork neck, cabbage, fried egg, sansyo, teriyaki sauce

I had initially wanted to try out their Pork Rice Bowl since it was one of the highly recommended dishes from blog reviews which I had read previously but Sister suggested that we try something else. So, we had this Teriyaki Pork Neck Rice Bowl. Sinful but good. However, the gravy was kind of too sweet for my liking.

Verdict: Customer service was good in my opinion and food were served shortly after ordering. One of Sister’s colleagues highly recommended their Tonkotsu Ramen. We did not try their Tonkotsu Ramen since we will be going on a holiday to Tokyo. Why eat ramen in Shanghai when you can get the best ones in Tokyo? I like that their staffs kept on refilling our glasses with plain water without having us to call up to them for refills.


The Grumpy Pig
#103, Lane 65,
Maoming North Road,
Shanghai, 200041,
Tel: 021-33558005
Website: http://www.thegrumpypig.com