Of Random Things #73

Ever since Mom is away for holiday with Sister in Shanghai, I am always clueless of what to eat for breakfast. There are times when I would drive out earlier for breakfast before heading to work. Well, those are rare occasions as I prefer to sleep in and find something light to munch on before heading to work.

However, I decided to drop by Sweet Deli Bakery yesterday afternoon after I am done with takeaway dinner. I bought some Pandesal and fried two sunny side up this morning. One for me and another one for Dad.


Used a bread knife to slice up the Pandesal. It was easy compared to the usual kitchen knife that we always use. It was an expensive kitchen gadget but nonetheless a good investment. I bought it from LeApple Bakery & Mart roughly two years ago after Jennifer gave me her household bread maker machine. And the bread maker machine is sitting on the kitchen table collecting dust at the moment.

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