Of Random Things #74

I will be leaving for my long awaited Shanghai and Tokyo holiday next Friday. And guess what? I have got nothing sorted out yet apart from my Chinese travel visa. It took me four visits before I managed to get it done. I left twice without waiting as the queue was horrendous and I will be extremely late for work if I wait up.

But thankfully, visa all sorted out now and it will be ready for collection tomorrow morning. I normally have my visa done like one month before traveling but the queue was so long recently that I waited until it is almost time before I have no choice but to embrace long queue.

Anyways, I have not been blogging recently as I do not have much to talk about. I did not go out for dinner recently as I do not feel like it. But dinner tomorrow evening will be at the newly relocated The Frenz Cafe in Kiulap with Jennifer and maybe King, that’s if he is joining us.


Seeing this picture made me crave for dim sum again, especially the beancurd skin rolls. I am not a dim sum person but Ing had somehow influenced me into liking some. Perhaps I should get my crave fixed this Sunday? Thing is, who should I look for to go with me?

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