Review: TAT Daily Cafe

Parents and I brought 4th Uncle to TAT Daily Cafe the night before his departure to Miri. We chose TAT Daily Cafe as it was nearby our house and it serves Chinese cuisine. Jia recommended me this restaurant quite some time ago as her family frequents this restaurant when they have family occasions.

I came up with an assumption that TAT Daily Cafe serves non-Halal cuisine. So imagine my surprise when I see Muslims and Jawi handwriting all over the restaurant. I thought I was at the wrong place but I did not see any other restaurant nearby. So, it has to be it. So, we went in and the menu were mostly Chinese oriented cuisine but Halal.


Assam Fish

4th Uncle insisted that this must be served before any other dish. It was spicy but I will like it better it it has more sour kick. It came with generous portion of eggplants, lady fingers, pineapple chunks and fish. Can’t remember what fish they used but it was good. Albeit it was indeed an appetizing dish, we agreed that it was too oily.


Stir Fry Cangkuk Manis


Claypot Tofu

Nothing much to rave about this Claypot Tofu as I remembered the tofu were not in fresh state. But I liked that it was served piping hot.

Verdict: Restaurant is spacious and clean. Food was served promptly after ordering. I think our food were served in within 10 minutes after we ordered. And guess what? Our food did not cost us much. Total bill was less than B$25 inclusive of drinks and rice. I do not mind returning again next time if I do not wish to go far for some Chinese food.

TAT Daily Cafe
Rumah Kedai Unit No. 6,
Bangunan T.S.K.2,
Muara Town,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

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