16092016 / Shanghai 2016 (Part 1)

It took me forever to get connected to VPN on my laptop. So, Sister hot-spotted me her mobile data connection with VPN. Anywyas, I will blog as much as I could for today as I am feeling pretty knackered already. Flight landed on time this afternoon albeit the weather. It was drizzling outside when the aircraft landed. Both Sister and I reached home around 4:30PM, which was a lot quicker than usual.


Mandatory selfie shot while waiting in the departure hall for boarding. The aircraft took off on time and we landed minutes earlier than the estimated arrival time.


It had been a while since I last worn this pair of sneakers. Decided to wear this on board to save on luggage space as I might be needing this pair of sneakers for my holiday trip to Tokyo earlier next week.


Took Maglev train from Pudong International Airport to Longyang Station where Sister met me there and we took private car service back to her apartment. Present your boarding pass at the ticketing counter to enjoy ¥10 discount. The usual price for one way ticket is ¥50 but it is only ¥40 if you present your boarding pass at the time of purchase.


It took approximately 8 minutes to reach Longyang Station from Pudong International Airport. This was not the maximum speed of which the train traveled at.

Starting unpacking my luggage when we reached home as there were a few things in my luggage which needed to go into the freezer. We headed out after we were done charging our phones. Took Metro and headed to Tianzifang (天子坊). It was not as crowded as we anticipated it to be, probably due to the weather.


Tianzifang is one of the must-go places of Shanghai. We did not cover the entire place this evening due to the weather but I managed to get a new pair of shades. If you love buying knick knacks, Tianzifang is the place to go.



We picked a restaurant in random for dinner and we settled with Rambler Garden. Rambler Garden is a fusion restaurant whereby they serve German, Mexican and Thai cuisine. I would not say that they are all authentic but good enough.

建国中路一五五弄25号 (泰康路田子坊内)



It was not this crowded when we arrived. There were only a table or two occupied. But as the rain got heavier, people started coming in for dinner to avoid the rain.


Cranberry Juice | ¥38


Orange & Carrot Juice | ¥58

This was not on the menu. So, we asked if they could do mixed juice. They agreed but it will be for an additional charge of ¥10. It was sweet and the taste of carrot was extremely subtle but I liked that it was not iced cold but in room temperature.


Fresh Garden Salad | ¥58

mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, pine nuts, honey mustard dressing


Assorted Roasted German Sausage with Mashed Potato & Sour Cabbage | ¥98

What they meant by sour cabbage was saurkreut. It was not sour enough but tad bit salty on the first bite. I personally think it tasted more like Chinese preserved radish. LOL! The mashed potato was dry but too buttery for our liking.

We both preferred the brownish long sausage on the top more than the ones on the bottom. The ones on the bottom had a distinctive taste of black pepper which I did not like. The texture of the sausage was thicker than the one on the top.

Verdict: Customer service was good in my opinion and food were served promptly after ordering. Food wise, acceptable but nothing to rave about. The restaurant is designed as an open air dining concept so patrons are allowed to smoke both indoor and outdoor. If you are not a fan of being a passive smoker, you might not like the place if it gets too crowded.


I think this summed up for today. Stay tune for tomorrow’s updates if you are interested. See ya!

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