16092016 / Shanghai 2016 (Part 2)

Can’t sleep any longer so I decided to get up and blog the second installment of my first day in Shanghai. Today’s weather is okay by the looks of it. However, we are not sure how bad it is going to be as it was forecasted that Typhoon Meranti will hit Shanghai over the weekend. Hopefully, it will be diverted before it reaches Shanghai. This is not the first time I am in Shanghai when it was forecasted that typhoon will hit. LOL!

Anyways, it was to my surprise that WordPress can be used without VPN. I remembered that it was banned in China couple of years ago. But it is a good thing that it is now accesible or else I have to get Sister to hotspot me her data connection for VPN as my computer cannot get connected to VPN regardless all my attempts.


After our dinner at Rambler Garden, Sister and I walked around Tianzifang for a bit before we left the place. We came across a restaurant which has a household cat in the premise. I cannot remember which restaurant is that but I do remember that they are promoting PURINA brand of cat food.

We headed to SML Center (日月光中心广场) after coming out from one of the exits at Tianzifang. Walked in the mall for a bit before we decided that it was time for dessert. Dessert is at this Taiwanese franchise called Taoyuan Village (桃园眷村) whereby they specialize in certain Taiwanese snacks like soybean milk, soy beancurd, dough fritter and so on.




油条 | ¥6 & 甜豆花 | ¥10

The 油条 was nice but a bit too “dough-y” and oily for my liking. According to Sister, it depends on the person who made it. Some made it nice while some were average only. In short, it was hit and miss, depending on your luck. The 甜豆花 was nice with peanuts.

Do you know that they also have the spicy version of 豆花? We dare not try as it looked like it was drizzled with chili oil. LOL! The sauce thingy next to 油条 was actually Marmite and I am not sure what it was for, probably for 油条.


A friendly reminder to patrons that they should consume their food products in within an hour during the summer period as they were all made without preservative. So, this summed up my entire first day in Shanghai. Stay tune tomorrow for second day.

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