17092016 / Shanghai 2016 (Part 1)

Weather yesterday was pretty good apart from the occasional drizzle in the morning. Weather today however is a lot promising than yesterday’s. It was sunny when I woke up. Hopefully, the weather will stay as it is throughout the entire day. However, Tokyo is forecasted to be rainy for the entire week. Why???!!!!

Without further ado, let me show you what Sister and I did and ate yesterday. Well, we have not been doing much sightseeing as this was my fifth time in Shanghai but we might be going to The Bund later on given the weather today and hopefully catch some brunch around the area too.

466 Xikang Road near Kangding Road, Jiangan District, Shanghai, China



We took the public bus nearby Sister’s apartment and walked a distance from the nearest bus stop. We did not make any reservation beforehand as we thought that the place will not be busy since it was still early yet. And how wrong we were! They were pretty much reserved for both brunch or lunch and they were only able to accomodate us for an hour, which was fine by us since we needed to be at another place around that time too.

Anyways, I will be doing a separate review blog entry on The Bull & Claw in some other day. So, do stay tune if you are interested.

We headed to K11 by Metro after our brunch session at The Bull & Claw. Enjoyed a cuppa at Seesaw Coffee before the start of our 90 minutes aromatherapy massage at Green Massage. Seesaw Coffee is one of the most recommended cafes around Shanghai followed by a few others like Farine, Baker & Spice, Sumerian Coffee and so on.

B216-B222, Level B2, K11 Art Mall, 300 Huahai Road, Shanghai, China




There were various beans available at Seesaw Coffee. You could choose between the light and the heavy ones. For the light one, they have fruity. That’s what I had and it turned out that it was not good enough for my liking. Perhaps I am going to try out their stronger blend next time.


Latte| ¥30 (~B$6.20)

The price of coffees are a lot more expensive in Shanghai than what we are having in Brunei. But what do you expect out of a big city like Shanghai, right? I have yet tried out some other cafes around Shanghai but I think their pricing are pretty much standard.


Dark Chocolate | ¥38 (~B$7.80)

Nice and extremely rich in dark chocolate-y taste. It did not taste sweet at all but bitter. Highly recomemnded for those who like dark chocolate. However, price was steep for such a small slice of cake but I am guessing that it is the standard price tag for dessert in Shanghai.

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