Review: The Bull & Claw, Shanghai

Gosh! It is so hard to download drama series here in China albeit I am using a China based website. It is weird that the website is not accessible even while I am in China now. Took me a few attempts before I am able to find a website to download the Korean drama series which I had been “chasing” recently.

Sister had gone off to work this morning and I am all alone at home. Nothing much to do at the moment as I do not feel like going out yet. Perhaps I would consider going to iAPM later on for some window shopping before heading to meet Sister for dinner in the evening.

Anyways, I am not going to do a day compilation blog entry today but a separate blog entry on The Bull & Claw as I promised the other day. Without further ado, let’s get started!




We took the public bus from home to the nearest bus stop to The Bull & Claw and walked a distance before reaching the restaurant. We did not make any reservation beforehand as we thought the place would not be crowded since it was still early. The Bull & Claw opens at 11AM and we were there like maybe 30 minutes later?

The place was not crowded at the time we arrived but most of the tables were reserved. They were only able to accomodate us for an hour before the lunch crowd comes in with their reservation. An hour brunch sounded good to us as we needed to be at K11 Art Mall after brunch anyways.


The Bull & Claw is serving brunch special on every weekend whereby any 1 course is for ¥85, 2 courses for ¥145 or 3 courses for ¥165. We went for two courses to share. Portion was big enough for me. As a matter of fact, we both find the portion still big for two.



We had juices for brunch as we were thinking of heading for coffees later on at Seesaw Coffee after brunch. Can’t remember what these were but the top one was Beetroot Juice while mine was Pineapple, Banana and Mint, if I am not mistaken. They were good and refreshing. I liked that the juices served in Shanghai were in room temperature.


Fruit Salad

seasonal fruits served with Greek Yogurt

Sister and I had this as appetizer. The waitress asked if we like our Fruit Salad and main course to be served together. And no, I requested Fruit Salad to be served separately before main course. There were cubed watermelon, bananas, dragonfruit, strawberries and kiwi in the fruit salad. Nothing special about this Fruit Salad but probabaly something you might not want to order in a restaurant as you could always home make it for a lot cheaper.


Bull & Claw Breakfast | + ¥35

two eggs (fried, scrambled or poached) cured bacon, gourmet breakfast sausage, brioche toast, potato hash, balsamic roasted vine tomatoes, caramelized shitake mushrooms

The highlight of our brunch at The Bull & Claw. What I loved the most from the platter were their roasted vine tomatoes and caramelized shitake mushrooms. However, I did not really like that they used quite an amount of black pepper in their cooking.

Their gourmet breakfast sausage was nice but tad bit spicy and salty towards the end. Best eaten with toast rather than alone. The poached eggs were done nicely, topped with some hollandaise sauce. The mashed potato however was a miss.

Verdict: I like the customer service at The Bull & Claw. Staffs were polite and courteous. However, you might hear a bit of bickering through the open kitchen at the back. It was something like the scenes from Hell Kitchen. LOL! We were seated near to the kitchen. Hence, that explained why we were able to hear a bit.

Food were served promptly after ordering and all staffs were able to converse in English as most of their patrons are expatriates working in Shanghai. The Bull & Claw are famous for their lobster. We intended to return for their lobster after we came back from Tokyo later this week if time permits. It is best to call in for reservation beforehand as they might be fully reserved.

The Bull & Claw
466, Xikang Road (near Kangding Road),
Jing’an District, Shanghai,
Tel: 021-62666819

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