25092016 / Paradise Dynasty, Shanghai

I wanted to continue drafting my blog entry for Tokyo Day 1 but the entry was too long that I do not feel like doing it today. So, I will be blogging about Paradise Dynasty which Sister and I visited on my second last day in Shanghai. We headed to iAPM after our massage session at Green Massage.

The common and popular place for soup dumplings in Shanghai is 佳家汤包 but reviews mentioned that queues were horrendous during peak hours. You might be able to get a table straightaway during off peak hours but some of the food might have sold out by then. Sister and I ended up at Paradise Dynasty in the end as we do not feel like queuing for a long period as we were starving at the time. Paradise Dynasty was highly recommended by one of Sister’s colleagues.

Paradise Dynasty is famous for their rainbow coloured soup dumplings. However, we did not try them but the original ones. I preferred original ones albeit I had never tried the coloured ones for comparison.


小馒头 炸 | ¥22

Nothing special about this but the texture of the bun was indeed soft but slightly sweet for my liking. The buns were served with sweet condensed milk though. I think I might prefer this if the buns were steamed instead of deep fried. They do have the steamed version but Sister opted for deep fried version instead.


原味小笼包 | ¥28

As mentioned above, Paradise Dynasty is well known for their rainbow coloured soup dumplings. Sister thought that I might want to try one of those but I declined. I preferred original version of these soup dumplings. The filings and soup broth were not as sweet as the ones from 泰康汤包.


三鲜鲜肉饺 | ¥25

These were surprisingly very nice. Sister who rarely eats such dumplings complimented that the skin was not thick as compared to some others which she had tried previously.


生煎包 | ¥22

These were good but not as good as the ones which I had from 小杨生煎. To be honest, I find their skin rather too thick for my liking. The texture was more like a thin bun. The fillings came with soup broth too.


榴莲小笼包 | ¥32


This was something new for us and definitely not for those who doesn’t eat durian. We thought that there were pork fillings with some durian paste but it turned out that the entire dumpling was filled with pureed durian flesh. And they were not cheapskate with the fillings too!

Paradise Dynasty
6th Floor, iAPM Mall,
999 Huaihai Middle Road near Xiangyang South Road,
Tel: 021-53833270

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