30092016 / Kaizen Sushi Waterfront & Ximply Chriz Cafe

Kaylie, Keona and I had dinner at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront yesterday evening as I wanted to pass her the souvenirs which I bought for Keona from Shanghai. We intended to meet for lunch last Tuesday but I could not make it in the end and we agreed to meet on Friday for dinner instead.

We went to Kaizen Sushi Waterfront as I was craving for some Soba noodles. I did not have enough of Soba while in Tokyo so I resorted to Kaizen Sushi Waterfront for my Soba fix. After coming home from Tokyo, I am tempted to return again around March 2017 but to Osaka and Kyoto instead. But this was just my initial planning as nothing had been set yet.

Anyways, let’s get this blog entry rolling so that I could continue with my Cinderella & Four Knights drama marathon going. LOL!


Spicy Maguro Temaki | B$3.60


Kake Soba | B$5.40

This was probably the simplest soba noodles which Kaizen Sushi has on their menu. It was good but I am thinking of trying out Zaru Soba next time. I was tempted to order their Ebi Tempura Soba but decided not to as I am planning to order some sushi and hand roll as well.


Agedashi Tofu | B$4.50


Tamago Maki | B$1.80

Food for Keona. Like Jia, these are the usual which she usually order for Lucas as well. Both Keona and Lucas have the same trait – being non-fussy with food, which is good as you do not have to worry what they eat when dining outside. They can just eat whatever you are having.


Sake Sushi & Maguro Sushi | B$2.70 / Tamago Sushi | B$1.80


Tori Katsu Don | B$8.10

As usual, Tori Katsu Don is Kaylie’s go to food when dining in a Japanese restaurant. However, she was not impressed with her Tori Katsu Don and she did mention that she preferred the one from Excapade Sushi.

After dinner at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront, we headed to Ximply Chriz Cafe for desserts. I was tempted to try their quiche but it was so expensive. It was B$9.90 for a slice. Albeit the price, the size of the quiche was pretty big though.


The Ultimate Brownie | B$6.50

Think you could have guessed who was this for? Yeah … That’s right, for Kaylie. I tried a small bite of her The Ultimate Brownie. It was too sweet for my liking. The base was brownie cake with a thick layer of salted caramel and almond bits. There was chocolate frosting on top.


Green Tea Cheesecake | B$5.00

I liked this as this was not as sweet as compared to Kaylie’s The Ultimate Brownie. However, I would like it better if the green tea taste had been stronger. Keona loved this too as she kept on grabbing my hand to feed her with some of the cake. LOL!

This basically summed up my dinner date with Kaylie and Keona yesterday evening. Now that I am finishing with this blog entry, I can start catching up with my drama series marathon before I hit the sack. I am meeting Jia, Eldie and Lucas for my advanced birthday celebration tomorrow morning.

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