04102016 / Excapade Shokudo

I am having sore throat at the moment. Not sure what triggered it but it sure feels uncomfortable. Anyways, I intended to continue my Tokyo travelogue but felt rather lazy to continue at this hour. So, here I am updating my dinner at Excapade Shokudo instead.

I told Mom not to expect me for dinner tonight as I intended to settle my credit card bills after work but I managed to get them settled this afternoon while running some work errands. I had dinner on my own at Excapade Shokudo. I expected the place to be crowded since it is still early payday period but was surprised to find Excapade Shokudo to be quiet at this time of the month.

I was rather surprised to find that some of the sushi at Excapade Shokudo are now more expensive compared to Kaizen Sushi Waterfront. It had been a while since I last been to Excapade Sushi and apparently they had marked up the price for some of their dishes. Salmon Tataki used to be B$8.00 and it is now B$9.80.


Salmon Maki | B$2.70 & Inari Salmon | B$3.20

Inari Salmon is puffed tofu pocket stuffed with sushi rice and salmon salad. It was pretty good but tad bit sweet for my liking.


Tuna Spicy Temaki | B$3.80

Excapade Shokudo
5, Ground Floor,
Block A, Bangunan Desa Delima,
Jalan Muara,
Kampung Pancha Delima,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2335512

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