Of Random Things #77

I bought a 32″ LCD TV months ago but I rarely use it as I prefer to watch drama series from my laptop or iPad. I had been chasing Korean drama series recently. There was a period whereby I was addicted towards American crime solving series like Elementary, Castle and The Mentalist but I am more towards slow and romantic drama series recently. LOL!

After finishing up on Cinderella & The Four Knights, I watched Blood starring the second male lead from Cinderella & The Four Knights. It was not bad actually. The story-line was about good versus evil vampires.

Now that I am done with watching Blood, I started with Doctors and I think it was not bad too! To be honest, I had quite a number of drama series which I had downloaded but never watched and I think I have to start watching them one by one.

My download quota limit for this month is nearing cap already when it is not even month end. Most of the recent Korean drama series episodes came in large size compared to before. But of course, large file size means better quality. How about you? Do you have any nice drama series to recommend?

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