Review: Peranakan House, Brunei

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, Jennifer and I are trying out a new restaurant in town. Yes, we tried Peranakan House yesterday evening. Peranakan House is located at where Soon Soon Lai used to be. I am not sure if the restaurant had been taken over by a new management and they re-branded. Peranakan House is a non-Halal restaurant as pork is served.

Without further ado, let me show you what the both of us had tried yesterday evening.


Sate Babi | B$5.50

This is literally Pork Skewers in English. A portion of Sate Babi came with three sticks and a dipping sauce made with soy sauce, cut chilies and sliced red onions. The pork was marinated with lemongrass as the taste was distinctive. The meat were a bit tough, so not recommendable for those with dentures. However, I liked the dipping sauce very much. It was spicy and yet sweet at the same time.


Lumpia | B$3.50


Lumpia is Peranakan version of spring rolls. Instead of wrapping the fillings with the usual spring roll skin, the fillings were wrapped with beancurd skin. The fillings came with assortments of shredded vegetables and minced pork. I think they were using processed minced meat whereby you grind as the fillings were a bit wet.


Pork Chop Rice | B$6.50


Kolo Mee Tau Yu Bak | B$5.50

I had this as I craved for Kolo Mee yesterday. Both Jennifer and I agreed that the noodles were cooked perfectly and the flavoring was spot on. However, the braised pork were not tender enough and they were too salty if eaten alone.


Penang Fried Kway Teow | B$5.50

Ordered this as takeaway for parents at home. I tried a little of them and they were too spicy. They were pretty generous with the ingredients but the only downside was the spiciness. You might like it if you love spicy food.

Verdict: Price was on the steep side but pork is not cheap to begin with as compared to chicken. I liked that they are offering what we cannot get from other restaurants. However, food was on the salty side for me. Closing hour is 10PM in the evening as stated on their Instagram profile but we were being informed that last order is at 9PM.

Peranakan House
No: 31 & 31,
Muhibbah Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


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