Skincare Buys #9

Here comes the second installment of the skincare products which I had gotten myself recently. Some were from my previous holiday trip to Shanghai and Tokyo while the rest were bought from Miri on a day trip couple of months ago. And I had recently bought two eyebrow pencils in within the same week. LOL!


Hanajirushi Amino Acid Face Washing Cream | ¥65

According to Watson in China, Hanajirushi is a Japanese brand. Weirdly enough, we never came across this brand at Matsumoto Kiyoshi. I had been using this for two weeks or so. So, you will be expecting a review about the said product soon.


Shiseido SENKA Perfect Gel | RM18.90


Yves Rocher Sensitive Vegetal Targeted Comfort Care | B$27


Biore Perfect Cleansing Water | RM35

This one came with a free sample of travel size Biore Perfect Cleansing Water with floral scent. I bought this at a discounted price. I think 15% off the above price. Can’t remember the price now as it had been months since I bought it.


Kose Sekkisei Medicated Lotion | 5400円

Cannot miss stocking up on my holy grail toner from Kose. I think I stocked this up from Matsumoto Kiyoshi. They were doing a promotion for a couple of hours at the time whereby selected Kose products were retailed at 40% discount and tax refund for tourists.


Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief | ¥272


The Body Shop 3 in 1 Brow Definer Crayon Sourcils | B$22.90


Lancôme Le Crayon Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil Blonde | B$35

This was my second purchase of eyebrow pencil last week. I bought one from The Body Shop which I did not really like it. While I was waiting for Jennifer to arrive for our dim sum lunch last Sunday, I walked around Hua Ho Yayasan. Intended to try out the eyebrow pencil from Laneige as it was similar to the one which I had been using from Kose Esprique but they did not have the shade which I wanted.

Dropped by Elizabeth Arden counter but to find that their eyebrow “pencil” is in the form of palette powder which I am not at all a fan of. I had one from KATE which I had trouble drawing my eyebrows with. This Lancôme Le Crayon Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil Blonde was good for me despite that I had a hard time getting used to the color of it on my eyebrows on the first few days. LOL!

So, this summed up all my skincare purchases for the past few months and I think they could last me for almost a year? LOL!

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