Bath & Body Works

Some time ago last month, Jennifer and I met up at Flour & Butter Cafe when we both just returned home from our respective holiday trips. I returned from Shanghai while she returned from Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of the meet up was to exchange souvenirs and holiday stories.

We once discussed about scented candles. I mentioned to her that I will be going IKEA, Shanghai to stock up on scented candles and I did. But unfortunately, IKEA discontinued the range which I liked but I still managed to find a new scent which I like.

In between the conversation, she told me that the scented candles from Bath & Body Works are nice but expensive. But guess what? She bought me souvenirs cum advanced birthday present from Bath & Body Works.


This was the scented candle which she bought me as my advanced birthday gift. It smelled so nice that I do not have the heart to start using it. Jennifer mentioned that I should use it on the night of my birthday. And I have yet use it to date. LOL!


The lotions as souvenirs which she asked me to choose one and give the other one to Sister. As expected, Sister chose French Lavender & Honey over Endless Weekend. Coming up next – The Body Shop Hauls!

2 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works

    • I am not much of a fragrance person nowadays but thanks for the tip though. I rarely go Bath & Body Works unless I am traveling as Brunei is not much of a big market to have it here.

      My friend also mentioned that B&W products are affordable when they are going on promotion. They are too expensive to buy on regular price.

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