The Body Shop Hauls

I accidentally pushed a mini sized Lancôme perfume which my aunt gave me onto the floor while taking my eye serum from the makeup cabinet just a while ago. My room now reeks of alcohol smell. I think Mom is going to ask what’s with the strong scent in my room when she opens the door tomorrow morning.

As promised, let me show you what I had bought from The Body Shop last Friday evening. It was my birthday earlier this month. As a member of The Body Shop, I am entitled to a couple of vouchers every year on my birthday month. So, I used the vouchers to buy some of the products which I had been wanting to get from The Body Shop but too pricey.


The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Exfoliant Corporel | B$39.90

I had been wanting to get this since it was launched but I find the price too steep to be purchased in full price. So, I decided to use my 50% discount voucher on this product. To be honest, I like body wash liquids with green tea scent. I even had a bottle of green tea scented body wash liquid from Elizabeth Arden which I do not have the heart to finish and I still have more than half a bottle.


The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel | B$14.90

This is my second bottle. I bought the first bottle around June and I have yet finished it. I love the scent as it was close to the scent which I love from L’occitane. I think it was B$12.90 previously but it has now increased to B$14.90. Used my 20% discount voucher for this product.


The Body Shop Pencil Sharpener | B$5.90

When I was paying for my items, one of the BA informed me that I must purchase at least two items in order to use the 20% discount voucher. I cannot think of anything else to buy so I got myself this pencil sharpener. The eyebrow pencils which I had been using recently require sharpening when they turn blunt. So, this will come in handy in the near future. LOL!

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